Open Wine Bottle With Shoe


Yep, you can throw out all those corkscrews and fancy bottle openers. All you needed is a soft-soled shoe to neatly, completely get to the grape juice. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French, it is very visual. Who knew?



20 thoughts on “Open Wine Bottle With Shoe

  1. Izzy…I’m on my 3rd glass of wine…is that bad?

  2. The last several bottles of wine I’ve purchased have tasted like they could double as a douche. I’m now on to sampling unusual porters, ales, and stouts. I’m never disappointed.

  3. I want a demonstration.

  4. Fabulous tip! Many a time I try to enjoy a bottle of wine, only to find my bottle opener is missing…once again. Now I will not howl at the three 18 to 23 year olds in my household, I will merely find my sharpest shoe.YOU are brilliant! Luvu best always.

  5. My friend sent me the link a while ago, luckily I have a whole collection of corkscrews, so I am not likely to have to test this method.

  6. Lol! Very funny…merci beaucoup for sharing.

    • With all the dining you do, think about using this at the next restaurant you visit. The owners and other diners will be amazed and astounded. And you might get your food for free.

      • Hmm..let’s see. Work out really hard, go to fancy shmancy restaurant in workout clothes, order expensive wine bottle with the bf, gets nod from Sommelier with, “very good choice young lady”, procede to insist on opening own bottle, takes stinky shoes off in front of aghast bf, restaurant staff, other patrons, and open bottle of wine! Voila! Everyone, including my own bf, starts running out of the place. Gets free meal with wine! yay! Afterwards, gets persona non grata status at this place and probably reputation proceeds me on all social network, so get blacklisted in every single restaurant from sf to nyc. So yeah…after much thought…no thank you! It was a fun mental exercise though. Made me LOL so much! Did I tell you that you are awesome?! You are. 🙂

      • Good grief … you made me laugh so hard!

  7. Hilarious! I’ll be posting this on Facebook, especially for the members of my Book Club!


  8. Be careful of Facebook, Wendy. See news today about compromised everything…wow!

  9. I’m totally going to practice this so I can impress people at parties. I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  10. This is great!! I’m amazed…

  11. Hey Bonnie – isn’t that crazy?

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