Top Secret Mission: It’s a GO!

I’m off, again. Yep, headed off on a Top Secret Mission for a couple of days.  My destination could be considered hillbilly glamorous. My disguise is complete: ill-fitting red wig, glasses with fake nose, padded bra, daisy dukes, ripped fish net hose, and metallic hoof covers. If you see me, DO NOT BLOW MY COVER – this could be a lucrative operation. And I need lucrative. That’s all I can tell you for now. Will report back with results.


11 thoughts on “Top Secret Mission: It’s a GO!

  1. Anything that is “hillbilly glamorous” has GOT to be good…looking forward to the updates. Oh, and thanks for the virtual bundt cake — it was delish!

  2. (lowering the “Cone of Silence”)

    Thanks for that mental picture (I think!). Is there a shoephone concealed in your hoof covers? Hope you get the goods!


  3. oh, i love!!! can’t wait to hear back on what kind of adventure you went on…

  4. HAS to be a Gaylord resort in Arkansas…….

  5. That sounds like a darn sexy outfit! Yee Haw!!

  6. Hmm. Not terribly inconspiculous though, eh? Wait, that depends on where you’re going of course.

    Carry on, oh wizened one—

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