A Beef with Teef

Missing teeth are a pet peeve of mine.  If you are missing a tooth, please go to the dentist. There are dentists who will give you a tooth or two for free.  Jack- o- lantern smile is NOT A GOOD LOOK.  Having  just returned from my latest misadventure where a full set of pearly whites elevated my status to that of … Gomer Pyle, well … have no choice but to take to my bed about the whole situation. Brush. Rinse. Floss, People!  Checking my email before crawling into my black hole, I found this gem from Austin Ann:

I give up ……


12 thoughts on “A Beef with Teef

  1. I have no comment on this one!! I like going to the florabama though!!

  2. I don’t go to my dentists when i lose my teeth though…
    nice thoughts..

  3. I don’t think our local Wal-Mart will hire someone unless they are missing at least 13-18 teeth….

  4. No or missing teeth is a huge turn off for me. Even worse…rotting teeth still attached to the gums. Ack!

  5. On the other hand, that’s probably some tender barbecue!

  6. You are totally right! So tender you can gum it.

  7. Unflossed toofers gross me out to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!! Ewwwwww!!!

  8. No floss = no teef xo

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