14 thoughts on “Turning Pages: August

  1. Mine= Kiplingers, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, Mexican Dwarf Tossing Monthly,…….that’s all I got….. I really need to get out of the house more….

  2. Mine = a proofreading job on a thesis on educating teachers in Africa about HIV AIDS 😦

  3. I was wondering what your project was … THAT sounds like a real big monster to wrestle with – hope it’s almost over … :/

  4. you are very well read. hm..the imperfectionist book, i think i heard that brad pitt’s co. is going to adapt that into a movie. don’t quote me.

  5. FT, I am so totally going to quote you – the media wants to know everything I think and Brad calls every day. HAHAHAHA!

  6. would you believe i just read alice in wonderland and through the looking glass for the first time ever? i know that’s not on your list, but i felt the need to tell someone. and the post was about reading, at least…

  7. Scout and Boo Radley have me in a firm grip right now…….

  8. Oh, Didi – the best! You know Boo is based on Truman Capote … just saw a thing on Harper Lee. She’s still alive in Alabama. LYMI

  9. I have been horrible about reading. I used to read 2 books a week and now all I do is watch Netflix instant. My brain is dying.

    • You know, I get all these books and I mean to read them but it doesn’t always happen. Just finished The Bolter – it was good but took me forever. Maybe my brain is dying … your is too sharp, it won’t die. Promise.

  10. Have you finished “The Laws of Harmony” yet? It sounds intriguing. I want to get it, but like you, I have a stack still lying unread. I am only going to buy books that I cannot put down.

    • I keep picking it up … and putting it down in favor of something else. Not a good sign. Not a bad sign, either, as my pile is pretty intriguing … will/maybe/might get ot it by Christmas?

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