Dog’s Best Friend(s)

My dog, Cooper, is not discriminating. I take that back. He doesn’t like dogs. He likes squeaky plastic things. His favorite friends are ….

"Meet the Squawkers!" - Earl and Henrietta

These beauties are from Charming Pet Products; they are just two of their many hilarious playthings for pups. This pair makes noises. Henrietta,”The Original Wild Chicken”, screams like a banshee, loud and long. Earl,”The Ultimate Chick Magnet”, makes a sound that could only be produced after eating a bathtub full of beans. Charming indeed.

Cooper loves his friends. Of course, he has to bite them to hear them howl. So he bites each one in – and carries each one around by – their crotch. Ouch. No wonder the sounds the duo emit are ear-splitting.

The pet shop owner told me that a guy recently walked through the door, picked up a giant Henrietta (four-feet-ish), and put her on the counter. The owner asked him if he had a dog. He said, “No”. THAT took my mind where it didn’t want to go ….

Earl tries to cop a feel from Miss Saggy Bottom


11 thoughts on “Dog’s Best Friend(s)

  1. My dogs have to have very rugged toys. They destroy everything in less than a day.

  2. Cooper can’t destroy these babies – the sounds are too terrifying.

  3. Purposely positioning rubber toys into compromising positions? That is so warped! Really…really….really warped! Funny….but warped! 🙂

  4. I wish I could find a toy that is robust enough to be indistructable to our Lulubelle, while still allowing our little Diski to exercise her growing teeth.

    That guy with the big Henrietta makes me wonder …

  5. Cute, but my dog will never have these toys…he has a squeaking plastic chicken drumstick from the Dollar Store that nearly drives me nuts (I can hear him playing with it from outside!). I took it away from him three times on Monday (the kids kept giving it back to him). I’ll stick with his stuffed cat, which is mercifully silent as he shakes it violently from side to side by its neck…


  6. Oh we have the shaken but not stirred toys … monkey, racoon, pink flamingo, leopard, and skunk. Cooper is obviously an only child.

  7. I seem to have become hypnotized by these pictures…help…!!!

  8. well know…playing with cooper’s toys?

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