Just. Not. Right.

Reading the news today, I was struck by two stupid standouts:

  • Justin Bieber is “penning” his “memoir”.  He says he’s “still living his dream”. Let’s hear it for Justin! He is 16 years old. A memoir? His baby book, perhaps? And as for “still living his dream”? He is 16!  Spare me.
  • Giselle Bundchen, bless her poor little model heart, should stick to what she knows… which would be the runway. Her recent comments about breastfeeding have enraged mothers everywhere. She allegedly said there should be a “worldwide” law that mothers must “breastfeed their babies for six months.” Last time I checked, Giselle, you were a model, not a pediatrician, an authority on raising children, or a nutritionist. In her defense, she did manage to remove both of her feet from her mouth long enough to issue an apologetic explanation of what she meant to say. Spare me x 1000.
  • Tom Brokaw did a documentary on BOOMER$; it aired on CNBC Sunday night. The information presented was interesting and thought-provoking. One segment really hit a nerve with me. A man, professional, had been out of work for two years. This man is well-educated, well- spoken, well- dressed, and well-kept. The problem is … he is 52 or 53 years old. He has applied for hundreds of jobs over the past 24 months – some that would be perfect for him, many of which he is overqualified for AND pay 1/4 of what he made pre-layoff. And still no job. This situation is not limited to men. Women fill this boat, too. If you own your own business or have a talent/profession that is in demand, no problem. Otherwise, experience does not count. A great track record does not count. It’s all about age. In the job market, the older you are, the less respect you get. And if you are lucky enough to get employed, don’t count on any benefits. And you’d best budget around a minimum wage salary. This is just my observation. And I believe these practices are patently wrong on many levels. Experience should count for much. Age, if used correctly, should be respected. A daily dose of humble pie is NOT nourishing. Pressing onward through humiliation should NOT be an occupation. The pay sucks.

Rant over.


25 thoughts on “Just. Not. Right.

  1. Justin Beiber pi$$es me off. I HATE that picture of him that shows up everywhere. I HATE the sound of his whiney pre-pubescent voice, and I HATE that he already thinks so much of himself. Hopefully he will fade into obscurity like the Hanson brothers.

    • I’m with you, Yellowcat. The hair is enough to make me want to run for scissors. The Hanson Bros. are still out there so I don’t think he will disappear anytime soon. This may be the only time I say “thank goodness for the tv remote”. πŸ™‚

  2. Izzie…I love your rant and I personally think you are 100% correct on all counts! Yes, the Justin thing struck me ultra hard…memoirs? Really? Lord, help us! He has the brain of a pea!!!

  3. I’m trying to pretend that Bieber boy doesn’t exist.
    As for the work/age thing, it just sucks.

  4. I still have no idea who Justin Bieber is.. thankfully!!

    I cannot imagine a model ever wanting to kill he figure by breastfeeding. Why do these so called ‘celebrities’ always think they have something to say!?

    And unemployment? It is exactly the same here in the UK. I am an executive secretary, but I am also 53 years old. Hence, I have been unemployed for 12 months. Solution? I have to ‘accept a minimum wage job and be prepared to travel for at least 90 minutes to get to work’. Wonderful!!

    • Katie, you aren’t missing anything by not knowing who JB is. Have no idea why Giselle B spouted off about a worldwide breastfeeding law — just goes to show you that so-called “celebrities” should stick to what made them famous and leave the rest to the experts. Hearing about your “employment” situation, I am disgusted that this situation is more widespread than I thought. There’s gotta be a rainbow somewhere in this … take care and thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

  5. My ‘tween is obsessed with the Bieber boy…I feel kind of sorry for him…

    I breastfed my first two kids for 18 months, but had to go back to work after six for the third one (reluctantly weaned her at a year – got up every morning at 5 a.m. to pump). Let’s just say I wasn’t a “happy camper” when my daughter gave up on breastfeeding my granddaughter before she even got out of the hospital…

    I am a bit of an expert on that unemployment thing…I just turned 49…have 20 years experience in writing/communications/non-profit events management (including 12 years as a freelance communications consultant), along with several years in retail management/ownership. It will be a year in October since I was laid off from my job in a call center (they lost our contract)…have interviewed for several jobs since then (most of which I was overqualified for), and haven’t gotten the call…


  6. Hey Wendy – can’t address the breastfeeding issue as I think it’s a very personal choice. And sometimes not a choice at all. Anyhoo. As for the work situation … gosh, don’t get me started. The most recent “job” I heard about was to be the volunteer (free) advisor for a cheerleading squad of illegal aliens. I kid you not.

  7. Maybe Justin Beiber can give the 53 year old the job of writing his memoir. Hmm, imagine how much Beiber would save on crayons!

  8. Yeah, I heard the Bieber and Giselle stories on the news. The NEWS! Isn’t there a war going on or something? Why is this news and why do we care?
    The whole job situation is depressing. Over the past year or so we have hired some new people at our office and the older employees have been the best of the hires. Experience counts for so much. I don’t understand why someone would want to hire a child right out of college who has no clue about anything. That piece of paper carries too much weight.

  9. Amy – you are brilliant. Re: Bieber/Giselle – not news, we shouldn’t care. Your workplace sounds like a good place and your comments about the “hires” makes my day :). I totally agree with the weight of the paper with some exceptions: nurses, teachers, smartoids who really can make a difference … am sure there are more, just can’t think of them.

  10. I am halfway through the Bieber Memoir right now! This is gripping stuff! I can’t wait for the movie!

  11. You hit a nerve there Izzie. Age discrimination is pretty rampant and hard to prove. One bad egg in a co can be detrimental for the entire company. Check out this news article re an age bias suit that will make it easier for CA workers to get their age discrimination suits before a jury because it allowed the use of stray comments. http://www.mercurynews.com/pacifica-news/ci_15683556

    It’s a good thing. However, I can see this as a bad thing for workers seeking revenge on good companies. Hopefully the good will outweight the bad.

  12. You know…i was just wondering about who these people are that would buy Justin Bieber’s memoir…maybe it’s not bad that teenagers will read? And also I don’t know why he’s famous. I guess I am too old to know. Lol…

  13. Does anyone else think Justin Bieber looks like he has a bad comb-over?

  14. ok, this JB kid…is he the one that got his start on you tube? you gotta be kidding me? talent?

  15. Rant on.

    Justin Bieber is satan’s minion, put here (along with the Jonas Bros., Brittany Spears and WalMart) to lower the standards of our existance.

    She’s not a pediatrician??? Damn. Who’d a thunk it….

    as a 53 yr old soon-to-be-unemployed person, I am gearing up for my next job by looking in the mirror and saying “You want fries with that?”

  16. Cooper – will be standing right next to you. I practicing, “Ketchup?”

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