Please Kick Me … Gently

I’m in a pickle. Call it mental paralysis. Not a pity party. A swift kick in the butt is not going to get me going again. I find myself back at square one, for the 2376th time and am feeling all the items listed in photo. Baby steps. Haven’t been able to take one. Want to. Have done everything I can think of to get this little engine started. But often times, better ideas come from others. That could be you.

What inspires you? What tiny or giant “thing” creates that “aha” moment? I live by the credo, “fall down 7 times, get up 8” yet I am having difficulty getting up. Any and all suggestions will be thoroughly considered and most appreciated. Two things you should know if/before responding: I am harder on myself than you could ever be (all things medical, therapeutic, etc. are under control) and I am interested in what works for you, what you do and how you do it.Β  If you so choose:

Bring it on!!!!!!

24 thoughts on “Please Kick Me … Gently

  1. I can’t comment for myself, because I tend to crawl into tight, dark spaces when I get in a pickle, and wait for it to pass; which is not what you should do.

    A friend recently went on a work assignment she found on the internet, to a chateau in France (a sort of guesthouse). The work was mindless; washing dishes and making beds, but the culture shock was so lovely (and the money was a bonus) that she came back ready to make a fresh start.

    Do something like that?

    • Cin … that sounds like something interesting … very interesting …. if you have any other info on this sort of stuff, email me. Yes, I’m like you, black hole city until the light gets through … you are the best. Your friend sounds great.

  2. I get some of my best inspirations in the shower.

    I also like to put on my tunes while I’m cooking or baking…sometimes ideas come to me then.

    Being outside is sometimes thought-provoking – like in the canoe, or the garden, or walking through the woods (scratch that last one, until your toe is better!).

    Sending supportive wishes your way…


  3. Sitting on the beach watching the waves and listening to…everything. Always clears the mind for me.
    Do something you KNOW will make you laugh, whether it’s watching a movie, fingerpainting the tables in food court in the mall, writing obscene limmericks in Latin using chalk on the sidewalk in front of…well…your choice, drop a watermelon onto concrete from 10 stories up….(well those things would make ME laugh)
    One other thing….do something for someone else for no reason. Sometimes getting out of my own way is the answer…

    • Cooper – all good (watermelon thump especially enticing … toss it, kill someone, go to prison). Just kidding. Yes, laughter is the BEST medicine. Am looking for funny. YES, get out of my own damn way. Yes, do for others. Now let me process …. and thank you so very much. πŸ™‚

  4. Big life-direction-altering thing? Or I-really-should-clean-the-house thing?

    Not that it matters.

    In the case of the latter, I use my propensity for procrastination in my advantage: I’ll be “good” (do X task) for 15 minutes. If I feel like continuing more at that point, great. If not, I honor that too. More often than not though, it breaks the inertia and I keep going, happily too.

    In the case of the former – who the hell knows. (not the answer you were looking for, huh? :-P) I’m frustrated with the realization that while I can do Anything, I can’t do Everything. (dammit)

    Sure isn’t gonna stop me from trying to though.

    Including the very important task of burning a little time here in the blogosphere whilst I await a giant report to run in the background.

    Oh yeah, and holding down the chaise while I’m at it.

    Plus later on the docket: Nothing. (Yeah there’s stuff I should do, but I’m choosing not to. I can’t wait.)

    Toodles, friend.

    • Hey friend … am dying to find out how your yogini week went. Will visit your space after this. Thank you for reminding me of the 15 minute thing – that is good and I know it works. Have GOT to put down Words With Friends (random), Angry Birds, and Unblock Me. Play games and blog. Great, but the pay sucketh. My prob is, have done almost everything. Am sick of playing Madonna and having to reinvent my self every few years. Thanks for your input, always welcome!!!!

  5. Sometimes I’ve found it’s not possible (for me anyway) to get back up. There have been weeks spent in a funk.

    One thing that’s in my routine that seems to cheer me up almost every time: often, on a weekend evening, I’ll go down to my favourite restaurant/bar, iPad in hand, plunk myself down and order four or five glasses of chardonnay. Which I drink while reading my book. The music is always great – sort of Buddha Bar-ish – if you’ve ever heard any of those albums you’ll know what I mean. By the time I stagger out, the world just seems so great.

    • Wolf – am so with you on the slow rebound. Like that honesty. It’s not like you don’t want to get up, but those feet keep slipping out from under you. Meh!
      Your “cheer up” routine sounds great! Have most of Buddha Bar music (fine). Haven’t been able to pull trigger on iPad due to already owning iPhone and MacPro but LOVE the size of it. Did trade in my car for MINI Cooper – that is a fun, fun, fun ride (thanks for reminding me of something I enjoy!). Back to iPad … do you play Angry Birds? CRAZY. If you play Words With Friends, I’ll play you any day. Thanks, Wolf. πŸ™‚ p.s. if I have more than two drinks, I’m toast. Pitiful, I know.

  6. I agree with Cooper. I often have to force myself to do nice things for others when I’m feeling low, but it always makes me feel better. I also like to go outside and sit under a tree. I know it sounds odd, but if you stare up at a tree it kind of “talks” to you. The wind blowing through the leaves is peaceful and melodic. πŸ™‚

    Hope all of these wonderful suggestions from wonderful people help!

    • Hey Becky – I love all these suggestions – and they are wonderful! I think I am going to go sit under a tree tomorrow. It doesn’t sound odd one bit – it sounds peaceful. Thank you so much for suggesting/sharing that. Your response is a nice thing you’ve done for me. πŸ™‚

  7. I like to try a couple different things depending on my mood.

    1. Put in the funniest (or stupidest) movie ever and watch it while baking and eating warm chocolate chip cookies. Or drinking something alcoholic to make the movie funnier (or stupider).

    2. Sometimes I color in a Cinderella coloring book.

    3. Make a list of things I want to accomplish. I feel better as I cross them off.

    4. Go to the nearest pet store (or animal shelter) and play with all the puppies. This one is my favorite. =)

    I hope you feel better soon!

    If you’re not feeling better by the weekend, feel free to drive to MD to help me move. Physical labor might help. I’ll treat you to some tasty ice cream, too.

  8. Physical labor ALWAYS helps! Did you buy a house? If I don’t make it for the move, am sending you Super Strength vibes πŸ™‚

  9. I feel your pain, hon! Here are some things that I do to try to re-boot myself:
    – Spend time with friends or my sister. We don’t talk about whatever issue or life roadblock we are suffering from, we just talk and laugh.
    – Change your scenery. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Doesn’t have to be far. Visit a new restaurant or drive down a street you always pass but have never turned into.
    – Do something spontaneous. Get a haircut or a tattoo.
    Sometimes, just getting out of the house is the hardest part!

    • Amy, you are so right! I so appreciate your suggestions – I love everything – have to pass on haircut (mine is very short already). Am going to stay out of house all day tomorrow – change my scenery. You rock. πŸ™‚

  10. I get up in the morning. There is a blank slate before me and the challenge is to do something with it. Sometimes the theme repeats, then I know that I need to try something different. I’m not a yea-rah-rah kind of guy, so those inspirational calendars are no use. Try to learn something new about yourself or out in the world. Good or bad, you can’t be faulted for putting yourself out there.
    Good luck, Izzie!

    • Thanks so much, Brad. Yeah, you just gotta put it out there. So yet another learning curve – and that’s a good thing (or I will think it is when I get wherever I’m going). πŸ™‚

  11. I obviously don’t do it. Other people motivate me, but I run out of steam half way through most projects then I just have a mess on my hands and no ambition to fix it.

  12. Yeah, I usually throw myself into all sorts of things and lose interest midway … oh well πŸ™‚

  13. I let it work it self out. And volunteering helps as I concentrate on others for a while. Good luck

  14. In support of you….I gently kicked my cat halfway across the room! πŸ™‚

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