Questionable Tuesday

It is Tuesday, isn’t it? If so, this is what I’m thinking:

  • Need to get some steel-toed boots to protect me from myself. Last summer, I smashed my right foot into a chair resulting in fractured toe resulting in $1500 trip to doctor. I was put in an ugly, heavy blue Frankenstein boot/shoe. The nurse said the “uni” shoe was meant for either foot. She was wrong. It was for the left foot. She would not back down, medical care being what it is today. So I clomped around for a month, wearing a left boot on my right foot. Two left feet. Not a good look unless you are getting paid for it (see Best in Show). Yesterday, smash redux. Boot back on. Two left feet, again. Argghhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary gang has deemed the following words as “unsuitable” for inclusion: tanorexia, flashpacking, cankles, prehab, Burquini, clickjacking, faboosh, glamping, and Twetiquette. Rah!
  • Have never observed a press push like that for the movie, Eat, Pray, Love. Never ever. I read the book years ago and initially loved it. Am still delighted for Elizabeth Gilbert – she found her mojo and her man. It would be delightful if every woman/man could do so. This explosion of pubic relations surrounding the movie is quite unnecessary. Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem could throw spit balls at each other for two hours on-screen and the movie would be a hit. Overkill, defined.
  • Today on there is a story about cars. It’s titled, “Looking Good at Any Price“. It’s hard to believe that in these days – and especially these times – there is an audience out there who are driven to find “cars that impress”. Shouldn’t the simple fact that your car gets you where you need to go be impressive? Furthermore, who cares?
  • Another winner today: “Why Your Muffin Top May Kill You“. Some of the “research” linked the flab hanging over the top of your jeans to “dementia, heart disease, asthma, and breast cancer”. They failed to mention breathing, sleeping, eating, and driving. Really!


13 thoughts on “Questionable Tuesday

  1. Ouch, sorry about your foot.
    The rest of this post is VERY funny!
    (I had to write copy for a guy today on why you should invest in a studio shoot with him, so he could take pics of your car and ‘document your status and success’ *barf*)

  2. Oh Cin, “document your status and success”? Really? Is he as tragic as he sounds? Have written copy about all sorts of things I *barfed in my head* about.

  3. 2 left feet totally sucks. Sorry darling! Eat, Pray, Love – I am so over it. Almost posted about it today. First, the last third of the book was a cop-out. Finding yourself = realizing you need a man to make you happy after all. Kind of lame. Secondly, why is Julia Roberts playing someone who is supposed to be 33? Wasn’t she 33 like 10 years ago? Are there no actresses in their 30’s. Geesh.

    • Hey Peeved! Yes, the LOVE part was so Harlequin. Oh, you’ve got me going now… I was trying to be *nice*. Now Elizabeth Gilbert is the poster woman for “Enlightenment”. Bullshit. On a pure, get lost in an afternoon entertainment, maybe. As a role model that women everywhere have embraced, methinks NOT. Now there are EPL tours, groups, and all sorts of crazy stuff. I ranted ad naseum over Julia Roberts in that role. First, if they were going to wander from the “age” thing, Cate Blanchett had my vote. If they did stick to age, hello Natalie Portman. Double Sheesh. With a cherry on top!

  4. Sorry about your toe…I’m about the biggest klutz going, but haven’t broken any bones yet!

    We read “Eat, Pray, Love” for our Book Club a couple of years ago…it was okay, but I didn’t “love” it (I liked the Italian section – food/wine – I’m there!). I thought the author was a bit of a whiner. However, I think Julia Roberts will do very well in the movie.

    Cars that impress? I think that’s a guy thing…there are still bimbos out there who think that a guy’s cool if he drives a sportscar (that’s a sign of something else, if you ask me – not a good thing!).

    Up until now, I’ve been blaming my occasional memory loss on being over 40…thanks for letting me know it’s dementia caused by my Muffin Top!!!

    Hope your toe heals quickly…


    • Wendy – hey there, when the book first came out, I read it, then listened to Gilbert read it on tape. The “reading” totally changed how I felt about the book. I knew I would never choose her as a friend. The car thing -pitiful. As for the deathly dangers of muffin tops, tomorrow it will be tennis shoes. Help, we’re drowning in stupid!
      Thanks for the toe wishes … 🙂

  5. P.S. Am going to try and email you re: other post. If you see a strange name, it’s me. 🙂

  6. No matter what the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary say, “cankles” is, and will always be, a word.

  7. I think tanorexia and cankles are legitimate words.

    I don’t understand the obsession to buy a car you can’t afford just to impress people. I drive a $1500 van that I love. I don’t give a sh!t if anyone else is impressed with it. I can haul my dogs and have room for a nap if I get tired.

    • I must live under a rock because I hadn’t heard of tanorexia – but I live in a place that is hotter than hell and near the water so everyone is tanorexic except me (see rock). So with you on the car thing, too. Just traded mine in for one that cut my expenses in half. Have been asked why I would do that? My reply: Why not? I don’t give a sh!t about a lot right now. Especially cars. Meh!

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