Tasty Treasures & Kick-Ass Paper: Oh, the Places I Go

My new agenda includes going on an adventure each day. Obviously, adventures can be simple or far-flung.  Am keeping it simple for now. There are a number of farmer’s markets in my city. So, my plan for this morning was to go to one, then meander wherever the wind blew me. What a great morning!

It was about a ten-minute drive to the market. Little white tents dot the area behind a vibrant shopping behemoth. Under those tents are treats galore! With fans blowing and the tents sheltering vendors and shoppers from the sun, I actually felt comfortable even though it was 9:30 am and already 90-degrees. Live music added to the happy ambience here. Love that! Because I could have a deep conversation with a tree, I spent my time wandering from vendor to vendor, asking questions and hearing stories. Very cool, very peaceful, everything local. Purchases include:

Market Loot

  • Two lovely Portobello mushrooms (am open to any recipe ideas)
  • A sweet round globe of a watermelon (if I were a fruit, I would be a watermelon)
  • Six organic oatmeal/cranberry cookies baked by a Brit with an Australian accent
  • One plastic bear of Orange Blossom honey (my tea will be very happy)
  • One jar of incredible skin balm called “Awakening” by Forrest Glynn Botanicals; the creator is a delightful woman and her products are “Tested on Friends. Not Animals”

There were so many beautiful vegetables, homemade cheeses, marshmallows, and prepared meals by traveling chefs… well, I just had to say, “Stop the Madness” to myself. I can go back next Saturday. Or go to a new market. Or walk a lobster.  Next stop: bookstore.


Books are my crack. I am an addict. “My name is Izziedarling and I am a book freak”. No apologies. So excited to score two out of the four book I now own.  Have been after One Day by David Nicholls for months. Same story for Laura Munson’s memoir, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is … A Season of Unlikely Happiness. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Stumbled upon The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise by Julia Stuart; this looks great … an eccentric tale about a Beefeater living in the Tower of London. Good Grief by Lolly Winston is not new, but it was in the bargain section so …..sold!  This is an “aha” moment for me; when I know not where I am headed, I used to purchase self-help books. In search of answers. Which I never found. And hated the books because they could not do the impossible. May not be sure of my next step, but I haven’t bought a single self-help book. This is an epic win on my journey. Rah me.  Next stop: cupcake shop.

You better be good......

Oh my! There is a paper store right next to the cupcake place. I love and respect paper more than some people I know. Paper Source did not disappoint. Found so many great items, but had to exercise some self-control. So I bought Karma Checks. I can’t wait to use them. Advertised as “60 checks to keep the world in balance”, these come in a little checkbook holder – good/bad karma – 30 each! Examples: Bad karma – “for being aggressively passive-aggressive”, Good karma – “For demonstrating an advanced degree of friendship”. Sold! Walked next door to purchase sweets.

These are pretty; I suck at photography

The cupcake mecca is Sprinkles. Am here because eldest daughter told me about it AND they have key lime cupcakes through the end of the month. While I could care less about klc, I know this flavor will make my cooking partner do a happy dance. Because I don’t want him to have to dance alone, I chose a banana cupcake and a chocolate marshmallow confection. I love sweet endings.

Now I’m brewing tea for my Orange Blossom honey. And trying to decide which adult beverage goes with a cupcake dinner. And making a list of potential karma check recipients. And liking this multi-tasking adventure ….


31 thoughts on “Tasty Treasures & Kick-Ass Paper: Oh, the Places I Go

  1. Mmm…oatmeal/cranberry cookies! I should try making those some time. I like portobello mushrooms too! And I would drink tea all day if I could!

    In addition to being a book freak, I also love paper! If I didn’t have a bookstore, I’d probably have a stationery/office supply store!

    The cupcakes sound good too…

    Have fun on your new adventures!


    • My pleasure! Finding myself at a crossroad (glass half full) or in the crosshairs (glass half empty), I am starting it today! Read a review calling it a “must read” so that is my adventure for the day – start your book! Will surely get back to you … rgds… Izzie

  2. Yeah, you can’t go wrong with stuff from a farmer’s market. Or, a bookstore, for that matter. Sounds like a pretty good Saturday.

  3. every now and then sprinkles has a salted caramel special one. It’s the best one I’ve ever had. Your farmers market sounds incredible. Wish I could go!

  4. All in all a very good haul.
    I think I will go to our local market today and share some pics too 🙂
    Happy Sunday Izzie.

  5. Hmm, I could make cupcakes in my once used mini muffin tray. That should fill in 45 minutes of my life.

    Oooh, have been meaning to ask, what did you think of Station Agent?

    • See Loon – you are so GREEN – reuse! Station Agent – soooooooooo good! Can’t thank you enough for that recommendation. Have already given my copy to my friend – so great! Love that trio. Also loved Pieces of April, which you also recommended to me. Am open to any and all of your picks – really good!

  6. I love unconventional shopping and I’m looking forward to some when I’m in Laramie this week.

  7. I hope you are going for fun/vaca? Yes, crazy shopping is the best, isn’t it? Have a great time in Laramie. And spend all that extra $ you are making on something wonderful 🙂

  8. I love the idea of an adventure a day. When I’m a little more mobile that might be a fun thing to do. And, of course books and sweets…sounds divine. I’ve been enjoying seeing the books you’ve listed.

  9. Hey Walker! Yes, an adventure a day, why not? You can have one without being mobile – takes more thinking but ….! Oh the books – I am a sick, sick addict. 🙂

  10. Walk



    Alrighty then…… 🙂

  11. I loved reading about your wonderful day! I also love hearing of others appreciating and basking in the more simple things in life, it warms the heart. Your day sounds truly fantastic, thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  12. I LOVE farmer’s markets! It is kind of my job after all, I guess. 🙂

    Great movie recs, loon. I haven’t seen A Serious Man yet, but have only heard good things. Really liked Sunshine Cleaning. 😀

  13. I think going on an adventure everyday is awesome! 🙂 And it sounds like you had a lovely day – good for you.

  14. Cupcakes, books, anmd a watermelon in the same day? That is awesome!

  15. Hmm.. the Best Days have no plans.

    I sniff a correlation here… 🙂

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