Fall TV Lineup: Shake, Shake, Shake

As CEO and Chief Programmer of the IBN (Izziedarling Broadcast Network), I’ve compiled my lineup for the 2010 Fall TV Season. No new shows necessary. We just need to recycle and apply some Law & Order to the lineup. Because I have entirely too much time on my hands, I’ve devised a little list of who goes where. “Why” should be fairly obvious. If you watch tv. And have too much time on your hands… the arrows (->) indicate where everyone should go.  Straight line and library voices, please.

  • America’s Next Top Model -> Bones -> Ghost Hunters
  • 19 & Counting -> Big Bang Theory ->Hoarders
  • The Bachelor -> Flipping Out -> The Mentalist
  • Housewives of New Jersey -> Criminal Minds -> Modern Family
  • Wife Swap -> Divorce Court-> Millionaire Matchmaker
  • Whale Wars -> The Biggest Loser -> Thintervention with Jackie Warner
  • Dating in the Dark -> Losing It with Jillian -> Big Brother
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm -> The Marriage Ref -> Survivor
  • Cupcake Wars -> Chopped -> Hell’s Kitchen
  • Bachelor Pad -> Jersey Shore -> LA Ink and WEEDS
  • So You Think You Can Dance? -> A Minute to Win It -> Wipeout
  • Teen Mom -> Real World -> Lie to Me
  • The Kardashians -> Gene Simmons Family Jewels -> Last Comic Standing
  • Monsterquest -> Bridezillas-> Rescue Me

Once all cast members have made their rounds, everyone must head to PSYCH for Intervention. At the end of this season, you will each receive a … Burn Notice.

This could be entertaining …


8 thoughts on “Fall TV Lineup: Shake, Shake, Shake

  1. OK Izzie….your up next on the blog spotlight list! Prepare for an onslaught of epic proportions as my 2-3 readers all flock over here! 🙂

  2. I found this clever and amusing, even though I hardly watch TV 🙂

  3. Excellent choices! I love the “theme night” approach.

  4. Hey girl – knew you’d get it! Those people with 19 children ARE hoarders – they want ANOTHER one – sheesh!

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