Wednesday Wiggles

I’m conducting a scientific experiment. I made it up. Am trying to determine how observant others are. This requires me to wear pajamas everywhere. Either I’m invisible or own a mess of fine-ass sleepwear because no one I’ve been with has said a word. On second thought, I’m going to end this experiment immediately. Just remembered Crazy Woman Dancing. When I was in middle school, we lived across the street from a bigwig at some corporation. Every morning after he went to his coupon-clipping job, his wife would perform. Outside. In her pajamas. She had not seen her forties in many a moon; she looked like a potato on two sticks with dyed black hair. She would dance up a storm, waltzing here, twisting there, with a little cha-cha-cha thrown in. It’s fair to say she had a wee bit of a struggle with adult beverage consumption. Her “keeper” would wander out about an hour after the performance started and reel her back into the asylum house.

My eldest popped over yesterday. She has come to the conclusion that her father is very “regimented” and I am very “wiggly”; she claimed she and her sister were smack dab in the middle. She must have seen me dancing strolling down the grocery aisle in my pajamas street clothes. Under the influence of caffeine. Wiggly?

Rather than rant on Justin Bieber (who cares who he’s kissing? blech!), rip some very strange Freshly Pressed selections sandwiched between outstanding choices (an ongoing mystery with no end in sight), and cry for the poor soul playing the new female football coach on Glee, I guess I’ll just let my head explode for the umpteenth time. Or start dancing on the driveway ….

Better wiggle out of these pajamas first.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wiggles

  1. Thanks for the excellent humour, nothing like a good laugh early in the morning. Now, I had better go and get dressed …

  2. Oh go ahead and dance in your PJs anyway. Ultimately, who cares? Life is terminal – may as well get out of it as much as you can.

    I’d tell you about the time I wore boxers to work at the factory, thinking they were just light-coloured shorts. And that I did this a few times actually until someone pointed it out to me. And I would also tell you that I was used to tighty-whiteys, so this came as a shock. But I won’t tell you – it would be too embarrassing.

  3. I would wear PJs more often if I can get away w/ it. Much more comfy. As for the wiggly comment…now that’s cute!

  4. You go girl!
    So, are you really wearing your pjs out and about? I’m with you on the ‘wiggly’ bit.

  5. I unashamedly wear my PJs everywhere.

  6. I love pajamas. I wear them as much as possible.

    I can’t seem to wear them out in public though. I think it’s because I wore them to some early AM college classes, so now I associate PJs in public with college.

    They’re just so comfy though….

  7. I don’t sleep in much, so wearing my pjs in public might offend a few people. Then again, I might actually get a date….

    The person playing the female coach on Glee is hilarious. I hope this season is better than the first episode though, I wasn’t too impressed.

  8. I dance in the grocery store all the time. My daughter hates it. Last night I had the pleasure of hearing Cadillac Ranch by BRRUUUUCE at the grocery store. Do I have a cool grocery store or what? I couldn’t help it…I sang and I danced. And I loved it. Who cares if people think I’m crazy 😉

  9. I’ve worn pajama pants around town for the last couple of years and hardly anyone comments on it. I think we’ve grown so slackassed as a society everyone is happy that people are still bothering to get dressed.

  10. Didn’t your momma ever tell you that you NEVER comment directly to the crazy person that they’re crazy. They might go bat-shit on you. Eccentric, sure, comment away. But Crazy? Er… NO.

    Hon, folks just aren’t sure if you’re Crazy or Eccentric.

    (Ain’t it great?)

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