The Text You Don’t Want to Receive

Good grief! Am sitting here, trying to write happy words and my youngest daughter sends me a text:

“Gunman on campus”

“Where are you?”

“In the ___ house. They are searching for him but he was last seen at the PCL (*library behind her house*) A lot of girls heard the gunshots this morning. UT Alert: ARMED SUSPECT LAST SEEN AT PERRY CASTENADA LIBRARY. SHELTER IN PLACE. STAY WHERE YOU ARE. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW”.

Have heard nothing from her since that text 20 minutes ago. Called the ABC affiliate here, talked to the news desk, they told me they just heard he’d shot himself. They wanted my daughter’s contact info. An ABC Newscaster just broke into Good Morning America to begin reporting on the story. The gunman is dead. The area around the library is closed down to all but police. I believe my daughter is safe. But this story shall play out during the day. I don’t think I will exhale until I hear from her … or see her on tv.


*Update: now they are looking for second gunman; have not heard from daughter but am not freaking … yet*

Double shit.

*She sent me a text saying she’s ok. At the same time the television was running film of the police unload an armored tank on campus. They have issued an “All Clear”, school is closed, and her area butts up to the crime scene so she won’t be going anywhere today. Good grief.*


44 thoughts on “The Text You Don’t Want to Receive

  1. OMG!!!!!! I hope she is safe!!!

  2. Good grief, Izzie 😦

  3. Scary stuff! I hope she’s alright. Keeping you in my thoughts today!

  4. Holy shit. You’re living every parent’s worst nightmare. Glad the gunman is dead. Keeping a good thought over here for your daughter.

  5. that is the most scary sms you will ever get

    has she contacted you yet?

  6. Wow – that’s really hectic. Hope you hear from your daughter soon, then you can breathe properly again. Much love
    Sunshine xx

  7. that waiting for a text that sayd “I’m ok” must be dreadful

  8. Oh, Izzie…I’m not a pray-er, but I’m hoping that this ends well for all involved! Please keep us updated!


  9. O my gush!!
    Strongs for the rest of the day!! I do hope your daughter is safe!! You are in my thoughts!!

  10. I hope your daughter is ok and you hear from her soon!

  11. Hey thoughts – she’s all good and you are so kind to comment. On to the next drama – ha!

  12. OMG! I hope she’s safe and nothing more drastic happens!

  13. What a horrible text. What is wrong with people? Why can’t they just go off quietly and shoot themselves? Why all the drama and taking of other lives?

  14. Holy crap I’m so glad everything is okay!!!!

  15. Glad she is ok. I can’t imagine getting that text and having to wait until she let you know she was ok. Heart stopper for sure!

  16. I am so relieved to hear she is ok. I cannot imagine the terror of reading that text. How ironic, I just posted on heart-breaking communication with an offspring, or rather the lack of it. His moving across the world pales in comparision with the text you received.

  17. Yikes, heart pounding, clutching chest and gasping kind of yikes! Hope today is better and all are safe and sound. I failed to turn on TV yesterday so clueless.
    Let’s all send a little letter to the NRA and our Congress person talking about why we’re opposed to guns, while the adrenaline is rushing… shall we? (sorry, had to get that in)

  18. I’m so glad she is safe! That made my heart drop for you. Today is a new day…breathe!

  19. My god, how frightening! I can’t imagine how you were feeling until you heard from her again. Glad all ended well for your family. These are crazy times we live in, eh?

  20. Holy shite. My heart just seized up, and that’s just reading it (and that’s WITH assuming from 1st sentence that it’s already over & OK, but STILL. DAMN.)

    I can’t imagine. You have a remarkable presence, and apparently the apple don’t fall too far from da tree, friend.

    Ugh. Adrenaline still pounding. Must lie down for a second to let it pass.

    Big hugs to you and yours. Oye.


  21. That was scary. Glad she’s ok.

  22. Thanks, FT – it was a bit of a roller coaster morning around here. 🙂

  23. Good gawd is the only expression I can think of right now!

    Glad she’s OK!

  24. Thanks, Dizzy. Me, too!

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