what? What? WHAT?

Had to get something somewhere early this morning. Driving to my destination, I turn on the radio. The song playing has a chorus that says, “luh li lis”. First I check the radio buttons because I could have mistakenly punched the Hawaiian station. Nope. Continue hearing ridiculous chorus, “luh li lis”. Maybe it’s a message from God? Maybe they are singing in tongue? Nope. Finally the main singer, who did posses the power of pronunciation, cleared the matter up for me. “Love Like This“.  I would rant, but I can’t.

When I was working in the school store, several students stepped right up and ordered annihilaters. I’m new to the store, I don’t buy candy as a rule. I search and search for annilaters but there are none to be found. I turn back to my customers and tell them we don’t have any. They look at me like I am a severe idiot. My feathers get a bit ruffled. When the lunch crowd goes back to class, I take a moment to study the candy display. Right behind where I was standing, there is a huge selection of annihilaters. But they are Now&Laters. Either people need to take proper pronunciation seriously or I need a hearing aid. Probably both. Shit.

Got a funny email from my friend yesterday. It was one of those “Maxine” cartoons. So appropriate. ” After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F. Hahahahahaha.




17 thoughts on “what? What? WHAT?

  1. And my kids wonder why I correct them all the time!


    • I have to use younger daughter to “translate” what older daughter is saying, she talks so fast. Of course, they roll their eyes and think I’m an old deaf bag. Kids. Sheesh!

  2. This is really funny, izziedarling! We have so much fun over here in London with weird pronunciation!
    Sunshine xx

  3. People don’t speak properly anymore – I put it down to laziness and a total lack of respect for consenants 🙂

  4. I encounter so many people who talk as if they have a mouth full of $hit. What is up with that. Speak clearly or you won’t get what you want.

    Love the Maxine joke!

  5. I love the W T F one! Might have to copy… I was just thinking about writing a post on why it’s OK to say LMFAO, WTF, and F#%€, but not fuck. I mean in London it’s OK, in the US…nope. In Europe we have a different rating system for movies too: we cut out much more violence than in America. In America they cut out the nude scenes. I find that backwards too. But then I am a Swedish Londoner… Sorry, I’m clearly writing my next blog post on your wall…anyway, thanks for the laugh, as always 🙂

    • Dizzy, you should most certainly write that post – I am with you 100% but as you know, we are a little more than screwed up around here. W T F – isn’t that hilarious? Staring right at us forever and I never saw it. 🙂

  6. hahahaha … I am also often confused by song lyrics!

  7. Lol- That’s funny. I think they probably got their candies Later.

  8. Oh! Just got the W T F… daft over here.. Love seeing your photo!
    I’ve given up on lyrics, can never understand what they’re saying.

    • Hey Walker! Yeah, I’m going to take a class in lip reading but I don’t think they have one for hearing. Meh! Thanks re: photo – decided to crawl out from under my rock. Wheeeeeeeeee!

  9. Yes, FT, I’m sure they did. And hahahahaha, you clever girl – I see the Later!:)

  10. Long story short, I was headed to the liquor store and offered to fetch some provisions for an older gentleman while I was at it. He requested some “H&H”. Fast forward 2 days, I’m at the store, searching in vain for said item. Finally hubby and I ask the clerk for a little assistance locating the H&H, who promptly directs us to…. Ancient Age.

    Er… oh. Well there ya have it.

    Apparently we sounded correct even when it was spelled wrong in our heads. (you try it!)

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