Ciao Ciao for Now

For all 2-1/2 readers out there (yes, the dog counts as 1/2), I’m taking a tiny break. Am purging my home for “garage sale items” which means everything that’s not nailed to the wall. The big, dirty, stinking event is this Saturday with a spiffy 6:00 am set-up situation. I hate participating in garage sales but I like money. And I better make a mint. That, combined with trying to start a new business and maintain a wiggly social life, leaves me no time to write. At the moment. But I fully expect to be as snarky as ever long about Tuesday. Try to behave yourselves. (Just kidding).

If you see this sign, come on by.




15 thoughts on “Ciao Ciao for Now

  1. I count as the 1/2 reader, which I take a compliment. 🙂

    Good luck with the event!

  2. Good Grief I hate Garage Sales! Good luck to you Izzie….Start drinking and medicating yourself right away and learn to say “Darn right that is the correct price!” and “No! you cannot take that TV for a nickel!” Will look for you next week, hopefully still phsychologically intact. 🙂

  3. Have a great garage sale party!

  4. Aaaw, I’m going to miss you.
    But I am sure there will be anecdotes about the people at the sale that will provide much future blog fodder.

  5. Noooo!! Enjoy your garage sale and keep us all posted!!

  6. Cool, Izzie…good luck with the garage sale!

    Will look for you again Tuesday…


  7. I don’t know if I can survive that long without you. =( I hope you make loads of money!

  8. Hope you make a bundle! That’s always fun. Not so much if you go through all that work and mint $5. Good luck!

  9. I wish you the very best of luck and hope that your sale/business/real world social life goes well.

    I know the burden of keeping up a blog while remaining popular, productive and sexy. You can do it if you want to but enjoy the break for now!

  10. Good for you. I do that very thing 3 times a year if we need it or not and we just finished our fall session of purge getting ready for the holidays. It also eases my obsession of organization and complete order. Good luck and I hope you make a killing!

  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Come back soon, ya here!!!

    I just saw the best movie in a long, long time. So while you have your feet up (slacking off) try and rent it. It’s a Japanese film called Departures. Yes, goddam it has SUBTITLES, but I know you can handle it. It will take you a little while to get into , but by the end you will be worshiping the ground the Loon walks on. One critic described it as “something very close to a masterpiece.” Now go…hurry…grab it….watch it! Sheez!

  12. Good luck, iz! Hope it all goes well and that you make a truckload out of it!
    Sunshine xx

  13. Hee. OF COURSE. Just when I finally get my arse back online. Tag team, while you tag sale. 🙂 Make a mint!

  14. I’m too neurotic to have garage sales. Good luck and much moolah with yours!

  15. Make that 3 and 1/2.. Brave soul, I hate yard sales but, like you, I love money! Waiting for the funny little stories.

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