Letter to My Daughter

Dearest Sweet Pea,

You will always be my baby. When I was pregnant with you, I was fearful. Fearful because I’d already had your sister and I didn’t know how I could love another baby as much as I loved her. Those worries evaporated the moment I first saw you. There is no measure for the love I have for you, my beautiful child.

As you know, this letter has been requested because you will graduate in May. And, as you know, I’m prone to whimsy. With that and this request in mind, I turned around and invited my amazing blogger friends to offer tips and advice for a young woman preparing to make her way in the world. Much of what you read here was graciously offered by these fine people. And so we’re off….

  • If it takes five minutes, do it.
  • Two words:  duct tape.
  • Always keep your eyes on your own paper.
  • Say, “I don’t know” when you don’t.
  • Live BIG. Paint your life with broad strokes using bold colors.
  • Keep your words soft and tender as you will have to eat them sometimes.
  • Don’t dig a debt hole and jump in.
  • You always have a home with me.
  • When you need to scream, go somewhere appropriate and do so.
  • Soon you will soon wake up – not go to bed – at 6 am.
  • You always have a choice, even if it is only a choice of your attitude.
  • If a man tells you that you are too good for him, believe it!
  • Skills to learn: change a tire, unclog a drain, drive a stick shift.
  • Know the difference between spontaneity (good) and impulsivity (not so much).
  • The ground is level. Don’t judge anyone unless you go to law school, pass the bar, get elected, and have a gavel.
  • Two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.
  • “Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.”
  • Every rule has an exception.
  • Albert Einstein said, “God does not play dice with the universe.” There are no coincidences.
  • You have a million dollar smile. Go to the dentist regularly so you keep it.
  • “Men are like Government Bonds; they take soooooo long to mature.”
  • “Having it all doesn’t mean having it all at once.”
  • Trust your instincts. Period.
  • Always try to be present. And take deep breaths.
  • When you are hungry, eat. When you are tired, sleep.
  • Laugh as much as possible.

Enough for now. You are beautiful, bright, wise and kind, all wrapped up in a unique package of loveliness. Do not fret about the new world you will step into. I assure you, the best is yet to come!

You love me and I love you more. You will understand this when you have your first child. It would be nice if you married beforehand. But not right this minute as the money tree has been reduced to a weed.

Love you to the moon and back, Sweetie.


P.S. All “borrowed” jewelry, purses, shoes, dresses and anything else I don’t know is missing yet may be returned in June, which we’ll call “Amnesty Month”.

P.P.S. I’m sorry we called you “Cousin It” and “David Letterman” when you were little.

P.P. S. S. Did I tell you how much I love you?

34 thoughts on “Letter to My Daughter

  1. This is beautiful, Izzie (and more fun knowing that we all contributed to it!). Great words to push your young one out of the nest to…


    • Thanks, Wendy. I am so grateful for the contributions as I would have been limited to 1)recycle beer and wine bottles and 2)please get a job that pays in US currency. x iz

  2. This is awesome!! (sniffle sniffle) Your daughter is lucky to have such a great Mom! πŸ™‚

  3. This is so awesomely sweet! Every child should get a letter like this before they head out into the world.

  4. I’m going to pretend you’re my mom, okay? What a lucky daughter. πŸ™‚

    • Peeved, it is/will be a pleasure to be your “mom” even though I don’t think it biologically possible. But who cares about that? I won’t call you, nag, bitch, or pile guilt on you. I will laugh at all your jokes because I already do. I encourage you to blow off all responsibilities, drink lots of wine, dance and laugh. As for babysitting and shelling out sheckels(sp), don’t hold your breath. Love, mom

  5. *sniffs and reaches for a handkerchief*
    Beautiful izzie, you biscuit you!

  6. Oh, cin, no one has ever called me a biscuit. I am flattered beyond words! Biscuit! Love that πŸ™‚ x iz

  7. How cool.. First, the gesture is wonderful, and then the advice…too funny, and real and perfect. Then amnesty? Ha, so glad I have sons.
    You have a special daughter !

    • Hey Walker! Have to offer amnesty if I ever want to see my “stuff” again. Am positive your sons are awesome. I got tagged twice by the best stork – have two special daughters. At least I think so. On odd days in October and even days in March. x iz

  8. Oh these are sooo good! Kinda wish my mom/dad wrote me one of these. Sigh.

  9. This is such a special letter, which I am sure your daughter will cherish. Always. She’s blessed to have a mother – and family – like you.
    The letter reflects so much of who you are too, which makes it even better.
    Sunshine xx

  10. Lucky Daughter. I hope I remember this post when mine are graduating. It was a wonderful idea. I have one quote that my grandmother gave me when I graduated, since I missed this opportunity to share, ” The best help you can ever get is at the end of your arms.”

  11. I just found your blog today (through sunshineinlondon.) What a beautiful post! My daughter is only 7 years, but even THAT has gone fast.

    What a wonderful note to your daughter. I am practically sniffling here at my desk at work.

  12. This was the perfect post for my introduction to your blog. What a wonderful letter to your daughter and all that advice is priceless. I’m going to add you to my blogroll right now ~ I have a feeling I will love all your posts!

    Thanks for saying “Hi’ over at my new place!

  13. wow. Great. Simply put. Great.
    My fav?

    β€œMen are like Government Bonds; they take soooooo long to mature.”

  14. Your advice is all true and very sweet.

  15. Izzie, I love this… I’m sending the link to my 22-year old daughter, if’n ya don’t mind. It’s just perfect. πŸ™‚

    PS – Did I tell you that I love this??

  16. Izzie, this letter is beautiful. I remember writing one when my daughter graduated from college. Her sorority requested this and I was glad to have the special opportunity to do so. This a priceless treasure she will always remember.

  17. What an awesome letter! I think every child should receive something like this.

  18. Oh my – McPaddie-pie…that seriously makes me cry!!!!! Perfect in every way….except that for a year or so she was Cousin It!!!!!! love love love!!!!!!

  19. No tears, just laughter! Who knew Cousin It would morph into Glamdamarama? *mwha*

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