Current Events Report Card: Yikes!



With the holidays bearing down on us like an 18-wheeler approaching a Volkswagen at 100 mph, the only item that appears to be in short shrift is time. So I must be quick here because I never like to miss an opportunity to be snarky. The topic today is Current Events.

  • Dancing with the Stars – Grade F-: Jennifer Grey is splendid. That Kyle guy is fine. But this Bristol Palin uproar is totally legit. I have no problem with her as a human but she is no dancer. She is being used and I feel sorry for her. Shame on her mother!


  •  Airport Sex/Security Procedures – Grade Incomplete: This is messed up on so many levels. Obviously, those  “In The Know” have information about terrorism that demands major security scrutiny. Hello, people! Staging protests = beyond already hideous lines = people missing planes. I get the point. I have heard the woman who had a security guard search inside her underwear, and stating it was worse than a visit to the gynecologist. I’m sorry but that is beyond acceptable. And the poor man who wore a urological contraption which was broken during his search, flooding his clothing and the floor with urine. And he’s supposed to get on a plane after that? Don’t know what the answer is here. But I will walk to my destination before I will allow a stranger – or a friend – to put their hands in my pants while I’m wearing them. Sheesh! What are we going to do here? 


  • Raising Hope – Grade A++++++: Backed into this one accidentally and am so glad I did. This is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time. We all need to laugh. You will laugh if you watch this. No, I am not being paid to say this. Cloris Leachman is hilarious as are all the cast members.
  • Spitting into the Wind – Grade N as in some things Never change: No matter what, I will never, ever, ever, never get used to seeing Christmas decorations in August. With a slight curtsy to Thanksgiving, Christmas is pounded into our lives for way too much of the year. Thanksgiving is a great holiday, too. Would it be too disturbing to focus on one event at a time? Good grief.

That being said, have a great, happy Thanksgiving. And if you don’t do Thanksgiving, have a great, happy week. 


I’m putting on my body armor so I can go to the grocery store and purchase ingredients for all the items I must cook. These will be served at my Mother’s house on Thursday. And they better be delicious. Or I will get an F and that doesn’t stand for “Family”.

Gobble, gobble. Later.



11 thoughts on “Current Events Report Card: Yikes!

  1. Hi Izzie:

    Hope you don’t have to fly to get to your Mom’s house! I’m sure your dinner will get an A+!


  2. I’m getting on a plane in just a couple weeks. I’m afraid. So very afraid.

  3. I love Raising Hope! I was trying to cut down on my tv and didn’t want to get sucked into another show, but I was helpless against the gavitational pull of the humor in that show.

  4. Thanks for the update, I sure hope you can find space for all those ingredients in amongst all the boxes and newspapers stacked to the ceiling in every inch of your home…… 🙂 Since you probably won’t blog again until after Thanksgiving, have a safe and happy Holiday! 🙂

  5. Haha, another funny post! I agree about the airport security thing. I am not looking forward to it as I will be traveling again soon. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the laughs 😀

  7. Stumbled on over here from the idiot’s blog …

    Must go grocery shopping too so it’s time to put on the body armour, indeed!!

  8. I loved the Raising Hope about getting the perfect family picture. Being a professional photographer I have not only seen many families argue during picture day but have it done it myself with my family. Hysterical show. Maw Maw is awesome! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving

  9. We have a tiny airport in Cody and those TSA screeners think they can be as rude and hateful as they want. I shudder to think about the power trip screeners in bigger airports are on.

  10. Izzie………..oh…Izzie……….. it’s time to come out and play in blogworld Izzie……. OR ELSE!!! 🙂

  11. I adore this post! I have to agree with you on Dancing with the Stars and since I traveled over the holiday ditto too! You are one of the many telling me to check out Raising Hope… OK uncle!

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