Help Wanted: Need Advice AGAIN

Dear Smarter People Than Me (that would be a majority of the population on Wednesdays and Fridays):

I have a very small, very new candle company. The product rocks. The locals love. I do not sell to stores nor will I. Because the quality must be perfect for me to sell, the cost is higher than that of say, Glade.

I am prohibited from selling them on Etsy. While I select and purchase my fragrance oils, design and create all labels and marketing materials, I have a candlemaker. Which knocks me out of the homemade arena.

  I’ve bought good stuff on eBay. But the candle section leaves me stone cold. I’m not a “Grandma’s Teacup filled with wax” kind of show. So now I am wondering if I just do my own website. If that is the case, where, what, and how much?

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and input.



*just kidding about the smarter days – throw all seven in there*

26 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Need Advice AGAIN

  1. Wish I were one of those people who are smarter than you, but, alas, I’m one who knows less. I will say, however, the candle-a-day-posts could become a great vehicle for selling candles. I love these concept posts.

    But, I really don’tknow what I’m talking about–just like them–they speak to me–bring a little extra light into my day.

  2. If the candle section on ebay is rubbish or doesn’t have stuff you’d want, then chances are, someone like you is thinking the same and you’ve got an immediate gap in the market!!

    A guy I know does stalls on craft markets and sells a lot there – he does themed ones. I had an amazing candle once from a shop that shut – it was little pieces of melon-scented candle in an old-fashioned jam-jar, and then they had other themed scents, like the fantastic Hallowe’en ones. I miss that shop! That’s a niche I’d like to see filled. Although, you might have to move to Britain to fill it!!

  3. You do. Has to be. I have no idea of the costs of a professional website in the US but here, around £1000 ($1500 or so)

    Other option is to do a good blog ( which will be cheaper as you can get some decent free or reasonably priced templates.

    • Hey Katie! Thanks for the great ideas and example. I believe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself in terms of taking on the big stuff before the small is perfect. But I am keeping your ideas on file. *iz

  4. One other thought, as I know a little about SEO (search engine optimisation for websites) – a facebook fan page is a good way to get people initially interested. This can then be linked to a website or blog. I do know someone who does lovely website design for around $100 if you need a contact?

  5. I am not smarter than you. But I will give you my 2 cents via email if you don’t mind.

  6. OK, Izzie, I’d never promote my Website design services this way, but since you asked…. You can, of course, do your own site, but some of them force you to have ads on your pages and most are templates (meaning your site might look like dozens, if not hundreds, of other folks’). If you hire a new grad, ride shotgun on them to make sure they don’t put in all kinds of bells and whistles you don’t want! Since I’m assuming you’ll want to offer your candles for sale online, you’ll need a secure shopping cart included in your Website (unfortunately for you, that runs the cost up!) You can do a Google search to see if there’s a Web designer in your area, unless you don’t mind working with somebody long distance. For more details, run on over to my working site and see if you can find answers there! Sorry for the blatant advertising, but I really want to help you out — and you DID ask!!

    • Of course I asked and I am so impressed. I just looked at your site. And your work. You are so talented. As I stated in comments above, I think I was putting cart before horse yesterday. I have some immediate issues to get cracking on and then I will get to website. And don’t think I won’t contact you – in real life business sense – when I am ready!

  7. Sorry izzie, I have no idea. I think the e-commerce side is expensive. What about putting it on the gifting section of a site like

  8. Another good idea, cin. 🙂

  9. You could approach local stores and give them a couple candles gratis to show them how well they would sell, then bring them on consignment.
    Donate some candles to high profile fundraisers. That way, the candles will be on display with your contact info.
    Other ideas: theme candles, candle home parties, candle blog, farmers market.
    The problem with a website is that the website, itself, is the easy part. The challange is promoting the website so that people actually go to it.

  10. My friend Jill has added a studio to her blog and now sells cards. It’s very recent and she’s done some nice marketing. Go take a look, I think she did it all herself. The studio is really just another page on her blog. You could also contact her, tell her I sent you . She is wonderfully helpful individual!

  11. I got an idea! Why don’t you have the Idiot have your product on his blog for a small share of your sales. That boy has close to a million views and the majority or should I say 99.9% of his readers are women, perfect demographic for selling beautiful things! 🙂

  12. Piece – you are so smart. And why wouldn’t I want to share with the Idiot, I mean, he accuses me of being the Queen of Hoarders so I could just share the wealth!

  13. Hey Iz…….If you have a website set up that you will be using to advertise your candles, just let me know and I will be happy to set up a link or something on my blog. There might be others that sell their own goods within the “harem” and I could set up a list of links to your page and any other ladies pages…… Just a thought. I’m happy to help out any way I can. 🙂 Us hoarders got to stick together!

    • Hey Id … I am gonna take you up on that offer. Piece is brilliant, as are you, of course. Working on page. Will get back to you. Thanks for making my day, week, month, year …. you will be richly rewarded (I’ve scheduled GOT JUNK? to arrive at your house at noon. Today.) 🙂

  14. I’m cheap Izzie…I don’t want anything. I’ll put a link on my blog anytime you are ready! No strings attached. Just let me know! 🙂

  15. Oh wee girl, I’m a Connector. Several books to recommend to you around same things, plus a super decent (and from what I understand quite affordable) web magician friend who set up his own web page writing business about 5 years ago and is rockin’ it.

    Hmm. I gotta find the list o’ books, and figure out how to ping ya.

  16. Psst— I sent you via email sometime last week. Didja get it?

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