Monkey Mind Monday

Man, am I glad it’s Monday. I think. Another rollercoaster week over. Have not written a word or pulled out even one of my 350 inspiration candles in seven days.  WARNING: this post will meander, so join me only if you are up for … whatever. If you have suggestions to any questions I pose, bring them on!

Beauty from Lady Di's MV garden

I thought it would be a good idea to start with a pretty picture. So there.

  • The very best dress I have seen to date was worn by Claire Danes last night at the Golden Globes. Perfection by Calvin Klein
  • Lady Di entertained Cowgirl and me in Dallas for 48 hours. As always, it was the best kind of fun – incessant laughter (all of us) and waterworks (provided by moi). My two blessings – in human form. Also enjoyed a cameo appearance by Lord Di aka Dr. Twistoff. Woo Hoo! He was dashing off for a South Texas adventure … with Nick Mason. Just another brick in the wall…. if you are scratching your head re: NM, google Pink Floyd. Which reminds me of surprising info I heard recently…
  • A new friend was recounting a recent phone call he’d had with his friend in Nashville. Apparently the Nashville guy and his wife were hosting her tennis group’s holiday party. And in walks Stevie Winwood. Just another team member’s mate. Awesome. The confused may google the man, Blind Faith, and Traffic. Roll with it …..
  • It could just be the people I know, but 95-percent of everyone is up to their eyeballs in major issues … did the moon fall off or what? Can’t stand for anyone to have problems but it is part of life. But this is BEYOND. Between aging/and or ill parents, errant children, empty pockets, too many pockets, emergency appendectomy ( is that ever planned?) – well, we’re all just shoveling shit as fast as we can. And it stinks. I want some life perfume and I promise to share. That being said, I KNOW my very worst day is another’s very best so …
  • Am quite comfortable in my cozy home. Just me and the dog. What I find I miss – at times – is companionship. Conversation. Bouncing ideas, thoughts, concerns back and forth. Doing stuff.  But my companion compass is wacked – I can’t pick’em for the life of me (i.e. last year’s model was the essence of a bad country-western song … lying, cheating, blah, blah, blah). Didn’t invest much so it wasn’t a loss but a win for me. Still….
  • When someone in my position tries to explain this inexplicable feeling which translates as “Damn it to hell, I am SO tired of responsibility and other stuff”, friends do their best to comfort me, providing suggestions and encouraging words. And they are well-meaning suggestions. Actually, there’s a funny aside to this. There are brave people and weenies. I would be a weenie. Brave people seek companionship all sorts of ways – joining groups, online connections, etc. Cowgirl defined my Achilles heel last week. Anytime words like “e-harmony” and “” are mentioned, I burst into tears. Will. Not. Go. There. The. End. Am so delighted for all the people who do. Just not that woman. And I don’t want any lectures; if that’s your deal, fab. End of story.
  • A bird just shat on my left breasticle. Does that mean anything other than I have to go change shirts now?

Putting you out of your misery, I’m off to repair my wardrobe malfunction. Really hope you are having a much better life than described above. Really.


**Forgot to tell you the seven candle words I pulled: curiosity, excellence, success, balance, creativity, longevity, and harmony.




25 thoughts on “Monkey Mind Monday

  1. Bird shat on the left breasticle means 6 more weeks of good luck….or is it 6 more weeks of winter? Stop walking around with your chest puffed out and pointed towards the heavens! 🙂

  2. Oh, Izzie, I hate to laugh, but your wardrobe malfunction was just the icing on the crap-cake of life, wasn’t it?! Missed you while you were away, and that is one lovely photo. Perhaps you can take comfort from the fact that today was considered “Blue Monday.” Let’s pray the rest of the week improves!

    • Crap-cake – Debbie, that makes me laugh! I took that photo and I’m the worst at that – miracle! I think I am the official bird shit magnet for the southern half of the US. Meh! Coming to read/visit manana *iz

  3. Gee, Izzie…what are the odds of having a bird poop on your left boob? How lucky is that? At least you’re not photographing “action figures” in public…LOL!


    P.S. Jim and I met on “Plenty of Fish”…coming up on three years now (my daughter and her man have four years in…they’re PofF’ers too!)…just sayin’!

  4. So tragically funny. You had the real-life version of “Angry Birds.”

  5. Izzie, I’m with you on the e-Harmony and dread. I just never could get into the date around thing. I met my second hubby through a friend who played matchmaker. “Hey, do you like to dance?” She asked. “I know this guy who I think you’d enjoy.” The rest is history. Eleven years later, I’m happier than ever. And that was after a couple of very, very bad relationships. No lectures here… just someone who’s been there and holding onto hope for your future companionship.

  6. Hope things turn up for the better soon, izzie.
    (Sorry about the bird poop.)

  7. First–I love the title of this post! Have you read Natalie Goldberg? She writes about monkey mind.
    Bless your “whatever” heart–sometimes shit happens!
    Hugs from Haiti,

  8. Miss your posts Izzie! This is a funny one again, but I do hope your week’s better. Great draw on the candles.

  9. The bird poo is good luck. That fact that it’s on your breasticle is extra good luck. Didn’t that happen to you once before not that long ago? Maybe it was someone else….

  10. Dahlin, do they not have old wives tales there? Bird pooing on you = good luck. (At least that’s what I’ve heard all my life, so I’m sticking with it. So there.)

    Besides, it means it was nice enough to be outside. Woot!

  11. Hello stranger – so good to see you back in blogland. Sorry you’re have a crappy start to 2011, but me too, and we can shovel that s*** together. As my husband says, I’ll have to find a pony somewhere under all of that.
    Hugs and hugs and strength to you from London
    Sunshine xx

  12. I hear ya. Just getting time to read this and it’s Thursday! Plus, I got back surgery on Tuesday. I don’t know if I’ll have the time. Think I can revise/edit stories, work 8 hrs/day and do laundry while hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers? Maybe a week konked out on meds will do me good. I know the surgery will!

    And another bird crapped on you?? How do you keep getting so lucky? 🙂

    • Amy, Back Surgery? Bless your bones. I had herniated disc (L4 or 5 or 6); the surgery was amazing in that the pain was gone. The delish meds helped, of course. You cannot work or do laundry or edit because you better rest, girl. Do you have to go to rehab? I didn’t as I was a yoga teacher and doc let me rehab myself. Here’s hoping you have a good recovery. Rest or else!

  13. I don’t think I could do the online dating thing either. For me it’s so much more about who they are on the inside than who attracts me from their profile pic. They say the best place to meet men is the grocery store?

  14. I, too, have been shoveling shit faster than I can. Most of it is drama from work that I’m trying to get rid of. I don’t know why people can’t just let you be. No one wants anyone to be happier than they are, and in the end everyone is miserable.

    I’m glad you got some laughter. Burn the candles all at once and you’ll get all those blessings at once.

    • You know, YC, I think I’m going to save all the candles and have a big bonfire. And throw those “misery-loves-company” folks right in the middle. Can I blog from prison?

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