Just Because: Do the Math


This life is full of emotional math. One minute, you are whistling a happy tune, walking on the sunny side of the street. Blink. You are at a dead-stop in a silent place you cannot identify. And there are no signs and there are too many signs, indicating where your next step should be.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Math did not come easy to me in school. Life does not come easy to anyone. But, subtraction is overcome by addition, division by multiplication. This I do know. Just because.

Latest lessons (using “I” only because it is easier; feel free to insert “you” anywhere):

  • Just because … I can’t see doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Often times, we are irritated and impatient with others when we believe they are beating a dead horse, not moving fast enough, lazy, playing the victim. Guilty. Add compassion.
  • Just because … you find yourself “lost” does not mean you will not be “found”. Subtract despair, multiply hope. 
  • Just because … you face the unknown on all fronts does not mean anything other than you may be at the doorstep of the best life you’ve ever known. Negative thinking is easy. Divide it into smithereens, erase, and add amazing possibilities to each and every half empty glass in your possession.
  • Just because … you perceive a situation one way doesn’t mean it is true. A friend told me she’d recently seen another friend; instead of stopping to chat, the other friend turned and went a different way. Friend #1 had hurt feelings. What friend #1 didn’t know is that friend #2 was in a state of grief and despair, unable to talk to anyone at the time. “Things” usually aren’t what they seem. Isn’t this the spot where we subtract ego and add mercy?
  • Just because … I do what must be done does not mean I am “strong”. It means I don’t have a choice, a receiver going wide to catch my pass. “A joy shared is doubled, a sorrow shared is divided.” Subtract judgemental attitude, add empathy and provide a shoulder for the “strong” so they have a place to lean.
  • Just because … you reach out to a friend and the friend blows you off doesn’t make that friend a bad person. We all interpret needs differently. May I remember I am never too busy, too tired, not interested, or too self-absorbed to set aside all that to grasp a hand extended to me. Add discernment, subtract agenda. Multiply with love.
  • Just because … someone doesn’t operate the way I think they should doesn’t make me right. Intolerant and judgemental? Yes. May I remember that most everyone is doing the very best they can. This is not a hall pass for the intentionally harmful; but it is a reminder to me that I can add a whole bunch more kindness, love, consideration, and patience when dealing with most everyone.

There is always a learning curve, isn’t there? And the road goes squiggly just when you think you’ve got a most excellent grip on your life. But it is in the releasing that grip on what wasn’t, opening your eyes, your hands, and your heart to whatever comes next … well, that’s where the lesson is. And God knows, I still have much to learn.

Just because….

30 thoughts on “Just Because: Do the Math

  1. Wonderful lessons, izzie!

    • Thanks, cin. They say, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. I don’t want to be any “stronger” but apparently the Master of the Universe thinks otherwise. Okie dokie. Got to play the cards dealt, yada x iz

    • I agree. This was a wonderful post full of sentences that resonated with me.

      As a species, we are both very different and not so very different at all.

  2. Great post! I love the “just because you are lost…” analogy. Have a great day Izzie…ya hoarder!! 🙂

  3. +1 from me.
    Power on.

  4. So completely clever. And wise. You should submit this somewhere.

    • And you are so completely supportive, merci mi amiga! Am so out of the submission loop, wouldn’t know where to start. Which is sort of funny as I continue to contemplate directions. Hmmmm. 🙂

  5. Wow, someone is stalking out my mail box and reading my mail for good blog material. 🙂 You have no idea how right on this post is to my life right now!

    • Piece, it makes the world a very small place when you realize at least one body out there gets it, is feeling the same sort of things, is on the same page with you. That = comfort to me, my friend.

  6. Izzie Darling! I’m glad I added you to my life! Reposting to Facebook…important message here!


  7. Awesome post! I hope all is well…

    • You know, ft, if I’ve learned anything – yet – it is there is always light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes we have to reposition ourselves to see it. Am currently hopping about like a Mexican jumping bean. xo

  8. I think you should make tshirts and notebooks and calendars with this. Wonderful post!

  9. Great! I love the Just because … you face the unknown on all fronts does not mean anything other than you may be at the doorstep of the best life you’ve ever known. Negative thinking is easy. Divide it into smithereens, erase, and add amazing possibilities to each and every half empty glass in your possession.
    That was a big one for me this year! THANKS for all your wisdom.

  10. Livvy, you are the wise one!

  11. I’m still at the bottom of my learning curve 😦 blaahahahahaha

  12. Join the crowd, Loon 🙂

  13. Powerful thoughts there, Izzie! I love your “pearls of wisdom” and have decided you take today’s prize for Wise Woman of the Web! Do they have such a thing? If not, somebody needs to start it!! Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  14. “Negative thinking is easy.” Thanks … It’s been some time since I thought about that, but wow … is it ever so true. We humans seem to dwell on the negative. It’s easy to beat on someone, but tougher to get the nerve to say or do something nice. Even compounded when selfishness gets in the road.
    Well done.

  15. Beautiful words that made me think. Thanks Izzie. I am still climbing the ladder to the light, but such insight makes the ladder shorter.

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