My Hug Project & Other Madness

Ok, so I’ve been thinking (scary) and observing. As a reformed “Don’t even think about getting in my personal space” person AND the fact that Lent begins tomorrow and my “Lenten To Do” list was a bit lacking, I’m making an addition. From March 8 until April 24, I will hug someone every day. If you think this is an no-brainer, think again.

A hug can be supportive, comforting, affectionate, or welcoming. We are born with the “innate need for human touch”. Several years back, I tried to explain this basic need to a group of friends. My comments were met with, “there she goes again” looks and the subject was changed. But I press on. When I lived with a houseful of people, I never thought about it, either. In my techno world, I can communicate with tons of people on a daily basis without actually seeing live human being for days. Not. Good. Physical connection is healthy and hugs are nice so there you have it.

I’ve got two weeks covered; daughter visits and trips. But the rest of the time … well, talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. I might have to hug strangers, which could lead to my arrest and jail is not a good place to launch a “hugging project”. But I’m getting ahead of myself. At the end of the day, I think it might be good. Will keep you posted, whether you care or not. Must add a warning to “dates” during this time:  if I hug you, it is NOT an invitation to grab my ass. It means I am fulfilling my daily duty AND  I don’t like you enough to even produce an air kiss. The old “hug and SHOO!” Just sayin’.

Speaking of madness (see header), let me tell you how insane the state I live in is. I won’t address public education, which the powers that be are trying to do away with. Really. I won’t address the fact that our state has a “rainy day fund” for education emergencies and the moron Governor does not consider this tsunami a rainy day. But I will briefly address mental illness (not mine, ha!).

Drive by any bus stop in my city, and I promise, you will see someone talking to themselves. In a crazy way. Because when the mentally challenged use up their chits at state institutions, they are loaded up on a bus and dropped off – wherever. This process is tragic. As I drove  into the Target parking lot this morning, I saw a woman pulling a suitcase toward the door. She was yelling up a storm – at nobody. She obviously had some mental issues and her angry ranting was scary. I parked, went into the store, and started my bargain hunting. She was right behind me. And she was some kind of pissed off. I kept moving to different parts of the store, but I could hear her wherever I went. “I’m a 33rd level Mason! I don’t have a husband! But I’m a Mason.” Don’t know much about Masons but I’m pretty sure they are men. I was outta there. But not before she verbally assaulted two checkers and ventured back into the belly of the store. I suggested they might want to have security “assist” Ms. Mason, especially since she has her suitcase in her cart and God only knows what’s in there. They laughed. As I left, I noticed security filing her fingernails; that’s what 16-year-old security guards do, I guess. Situations such as this make me feel helpless. And I hate that.

On a different note, I’ve got my F-It Bucket all ready to go. For those of you who are unaware of what a FIB is, you will have to read my previous post. Or not. Your choice. Nevertheless, … ta -da ……..

All credit goes to Amy Sedaris for idea

This may only be big enough for a couple of days. But it is the official F-Bomb depository. Feel free to add yours – all I need is the name of offender/offensive situation that makes you want to say “F-You”; I’ll write it out and make a deposit. Sharing. Hugs. Madness.

Happy F-ing Tuesday!


21 thoughts on “My Hug Project & Other Madness

  1. your “F*#k it” bucket looks like something you’d use for flowers. Are there “f*#k it” flowers? I’d go with carnations. They stink.

  2. I LOVE the whole stepping-out-of-one’s-comfort-zone way of life. It’s scary and crazy and terrifying and exilarating and growth-inducing and completely visionary. I’ve read enough of your stuff now to know you live there.

  3. I do love the idea of that bucket!

    Hugs from Haiti,

  4. That hugging thing’s gonna be hard — no wonder you decided to try it for Lent! I’d have to work really hard to give a hug a day, unless dogs count??! As for that crazy woman, she sounds dangerous and you were wise to keep your distance. Your FIB takes me back to when my son was little — he set up a “cuss bucket” and was relentless in charging us for every “bad word.” No wonder he never pestered us for an allowance!

  5. I had to smile at your F-it bucket pic. In particular, how you decided not to write out the full word. 🙂 I believe in letting it all hang out, in all its glory, for everyone to see and admire.

    Also tried to imagine a guy (like me) making the resolution to give out one hug per day of Lent. I think I’d be in jail before it was over. 🙂 Ah well.

    • The hug thing is good – I am completely shocked! And not in jail … yet. The F-bucket is FULL of f-bombs, I am not doing very well in that area. I actually wanted to go to jail when my kids were babies – it would have been a vacation.

  6. What’s a Mason?
    *leaves a hug for izzie and goes off to Google*

  7. Maybe Ms. Mason just needed a hug? LOL!

    Good luck with your project (daily hugs)!

    There’s not a F-it bucket big enough for me…


  8. Your FIB looks like a(n) umbrella stand. I like it. Your Hugging project sounds scary. I like hugs but I always hate people that I don’t know well force themselves on me. I feel obligated to kind of pat them on the back, but what I really wanted to do is push them away. Lol. Hm, your story about the mentally challenged people had me double checking to make sure you don’t live in my city. We have a lot of the same problems here.

  9. does hugging your dog or cat count? haha I don’t think I could do it! I’m alone too much.

  10. I laugh, but only in a sad way.

  11. Don’t you DARE be sad. Please! 🙂

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