Pick Your Nose in Public Day & PDFJ


It’s not on my calendar, but it must be Pick Your Nose in Public Day. I ventured out of my cave for a mere hour – everywhere I looked – a nose picker. In the post office, at the pharmacy, in the drive-through line at the bank, in a store. These pickers were elegant older ladies and men in suits. Repulsive. REPULSIVE, people!

Alas, there is no hope for the area where I live. Thirty miles down the road, female church groups are “Pole Dancing for Jesus“. Allegedly, a former exotic dancer teaches the ancient art choreographed to Christian tunes. Eight-inch heels required. I know, I know, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. BUT I FIND THIS FRIGGING APPALLING. IN. SO. MANY. WAYS. God only knows what’s next.

Am literally all over the map for a while. Unemployed, unencumbered and five great destinations. Go figure. Must be because I’m not a public picker and/or pole dancer. Finally doing some things right!


11 thoughts on “Pick Your Nose in Public Day & PDFJ

  1. Can you give me mapquest directions to this pole dancing Church…..PLEASE….. 🙂

  2. Where in God’s name do you live?! Nasty, nasty nose-pickers! Yikes!

    And the pole dancing! Good God! That’s bizarre. Maybe you’re safer to stay in———

  3. Two events that make me want to declare Wear A Blindfold Day …
    Nice to see you around the blogs again, Izzie, take care. xxx

  4. Wow and ewww, I am speechless! On another note, I hope you have fun wherever you are going and doing. And maybe put some sunglasses on so you don’t see what you just saw.

  5. Every day in Saint John is “Pick Your Nose in Public Day”! Sigh…

    As far as I know, “Pole Dancing for Jesus” hasn’t made its way this far north yet…I’ve already got my shoes picked out…

    Have fun at your great destinations! I miss you!


  6. Yuck is right.. As for Pole Dancing for Jesus? wow…

    What are the 5 destinations? Unemployed and unencumbered would be me right now too!

  7. Pole Dancing for Jesus sounds like a bad joke that some misguided soul decided to take seriously. The Southern Baptists around here would have a field day with this!

    And, aside from toddlers, the biggest nose pickers I have seen are old people. It’s like they just don’t give a damn anymore and dig away. It’s wrong.

  8. I’m speechless. Have missed you. I’m finally venturing out of my cave. I so enjoy your wit. Truly.

  9. Well Izzie, the pole dancing is OK as long as the collection plate is secured tightly to their g-strings I guess!!!!

  10. Oh so very appalling! Sorry you had to see all that; definitely messes with your mind.

  11. I seem to run into people doing disgusting things all on the same day too. I don’t know if I’m just more aware of it or if it is a National Holiday movement, but it grosses me out.


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