Angry Birds, Royal Wedding, Ellen DeGeneres & Other Randamonium

Well, hello there! What’s on your mind today? Here’s what’s on what is left of mine:

  • Angry Birds: If you “know” me, you know birds like to use me as a restroom. But I’m not talking about those birds. Talking about all the Angry Bird games. They are making me crazy. I get the utmost satisfaction when I aim a bird, let it fly, and it decimates a bunch of green pigs. Especially when I give the dastardly pigs names, usually names of people I know. Am greatly stressed at the moment because there are just some levels I have yet to win. Games should be relaxing but this one is making me crazy crazier. Back off, PETA; these pigs are animated and I love animals. Except fake green pigs. Meh.


  • Royal Wedding: Unlike most of the population, I’m not pissed I didn’t get an invite. Although I should have. My relative was the Queen of England … for eight days. Have stayed at The Goring, where Kate and Co. will stay until the wedding. It’s quite a lovely hotel and conveniently located right around the corner from Buckingham Palace. The only odd thing about the place is that the bar includes a herd of sit- upons resembling stuffed sheep. Of course, there’s an explanation for this, but I didn’t read the book. Baaaaaaaa! The sheep seats, ha!  These two lovebirds are getting hitched as quickly as possible; weddings are not held in the Anglican/Episcopal Church during the Lenten Season. Usually. And one more thing … Ellen DeGeneres didn’t get an invite, either, and Kate‘s her cousin. Someone has forgotten her manners. Maybe that’s common among commoners.


  • Ellen DeGeneres: She is one of the funniest people I don’t know. And she is kind and generous. She helps people. I’m still hunting for a job. So, I decided to write Ellen, requesting her help in this area. DON’T LAUGH OR I WILL CUT YOU… out of my will.  Am well aware that she gets grillions of letters, requests, pleas and such. Am also aware that I am not her demographic target. Nevertheless, I press on. I do know, from prior work, there are people hired to specifically go through all the communication and cull, giving her what they deem a “possibility” for her show. So I included a note to the person reading my words – “*Pretend I am your mother*” Maybe a tiny guilt trip will get my words in front of Ellen. Am not asking for job on her show – just employment that pays $$ that pays the bills. Will keep you posted re: any communication from Ellen. I don’t tweet, but I can dance. So we shall see ……….


  • Be Specific: Need to be more specific with my personal prayer requests. Finding myself in the dating pool at this stage of the game – well, I’ve uttered the phrase, “God help me!” about a million times. Usually after a date. So praying for a nice man or gaggle of nice men to enter my space is most necessary. That has yet to happen … or maybe it has. I live with a male who loves me unconditionally, would protect me to the death, who thinks I’m the nuts and soup. He’s awesome. But he is my dog, Cooper. Methinks more specificity is in order … need to add “human” to the mix. Silly moi.

Okay, Happy Day to all.

Am off to eat my weight in chocolate bunnies.


24 thoughts on “Angry Birds, Royal Wedding, Ellen DeGeneres & Other Randamonium

  1. Of all the talk show hosts, I think Ellen is my favourite. She has it all: warmth, a sense of the ridiculous, and music. (Come to think of it, those are all on my list for the ideal life mate. Too bad she plays for the other team, and is married).

    Anyway, here’s hoping your letter makes it past the hordes of others. And Happy Easter.

  2. Hey Wolf! Happy Easter to you! She is so great and positive. Hope she gets my letter, too – if so, I’ll tell her you are looking for someone with many of her qualities. 🙂

  3. As always, you made me laugh and cheered me up today!

  4. Happy Easter. Your relative was Queen of England for 8 days? Would that be Lady Jane Grey?

    England has gone ‘Royal Wedding’ mad. I have nothing against royalty, but it’s way over the top here, even the darn tv has nothing but royal wedding rubbish. AND I have no chocolate bunnies…

    • Hey Katie! Yes, mam, Lady Jane is correct! Poor thing – they didn’t have to behead her.
      The “Royal Wedding” frenzy is alive and well here, too. Out of control. Cannot imagine BEING there. What? No chocolate bunnies? Sheesh … I’d send you some, but they wouldn’t look like bunnies when they got there. Happy Day, Katie

  5. My husband is seriously addicted to that Angry Birds game. I don’t get it, but I’ve never been one to play video games. He tries to tell me that it is educational because he is learning about trajectories and whatnot. I’m not fooled.

    Enjoy your chocolate bunnies!

  6. Hey Amy … trajectories and whatnot are A MUST in this day and time. Can’t eat another bunny or will have unpleasant trajectory experience. So glad you are not fooled or interested. I need an Angry Bird intervention. Meh 😦

  7. Great post! I’m so glad you popped by my blog so that I could find yours! You’re very funny & I’ll keep good thoughts for both the dating *gag* and that Ellen comes thru for you!

    Oh, and angry birds drives me nuts too …. i actually spent like 4 days on 1 ONE! level

  8. I’m so glad I found your blog, GGD! Dating – ugh! I don’t do the online thing – too many Law & Orders. Be safe. Yeah, I’m really pissed at those Birds – can’t kill the white one in Rio. Will probably end up shooting my iPad. Another day in paradise…

  9. As yes, Angry Birds. It is so addictive. I’ve yet to fully complete any set, I have the free one with various holiday scenarios. Devilish… or is it piggish?

    Dating! Ah Yes… you know where I stand on that. I will say that the failed attempts at dating will at the very least give you stuff to blog about!
    Let me know if Ellen comes through I’m still searching for a job as well.. and I’m closer to an age that might logically be her mother.

    • Piggish, indeed, Walker! Dating, meh! If Ellen comes through, I will ask her for a job for you as well. YOU ARE NOT old enough to be her mother – I directed my “mom” statement to the 20-something who will be culling the letters.

  10. Oh no! I have stopped getting your posts! Damn.

  11. Maybe Ellen will get you a job and a date? Best of luck. (My wedding invite appears to have been lost in the post.)

  12. Thanks, cin. Just want Ellen to help me find job. The dating thing is quite another kettle of … well, nevermind. Your invite must be with mine which would be at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

  13. Best of luck to you on all counts! And hope Ellen helps you out.

  14. I love Ellen! She’s hilarious! I hope she helps you out with the job search.

  15. I’ve stayed away from “Angry Birds” because I know I’ll get addicted to it…I already have way too many activities that waste my time and don’t generate any income (not including blogging in that…I like it!).

    I love Ellen too…she’s always been very genuine in anything I’ve ever seen her in…great idea about sending her a letter!


  16. I not only avoid Angry Birds, but also the other whatever game is the current craze at the moment. Then again, I will admit I caved in to join Facebook because the fantasy baseball game I like moved there.

    Good luck with Ellen. Be sure to let us know when you’ll be on the air! 🙂 Dance away!!!

  17. Angry birds…I don’t get.
    Ellen is super funny
    Royal Wedding…I thought was boring – BORING – and they looked bored at their own wedding. SAD.
    I think you are super funny and could totally be a writer for Ellen…! I hope you get a bite – might as well go for what you want!

    • Hey Livvy!Ellen IS funny but I don’t want to work FOR her, I’d just like a little help finding something right wear I am. But thanks for the support 🙂

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