Are You Superstitious? Fact and Fiction ….


Years ago, I wrote a 13 page article about superstitions for a magazine. Have always loved superstitions and had a mighty fine time researching them. Have no idea why they are on my mind right now (am sure there’s a superstition about that) but superstitions will be the topic of this and maybe the following post. Or not. So let’s get started here …….

  • Fridays: For some religions, the term, “TGIF“, should instead be, “OSIF“(Oh Shit, It’s Friday!). Adam and Eve got booted from the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Arc set sail, and Jesus was crucified – all on Friday.
  • Garlic: “Carry garlic to ward off the Evil Eye“. This will not protect you from the Stink Eye, which you will receive in abundance due to the pungent garlic you are carrying. Ah, the sacrifices.
  • Knock On Wood: In the olden days, protective spirits were believed to live in trees. Knocking on wood would “intensify” the wish that was being made. If this is true, American Loggers, you are sooooo screwed.
  • Stumbling: Stumbling when leaving the house and stumbling several times while out of the house indicate bad luck is headed your way.  I think if you are stumbling around, you should quit drinking, do not drive, and get orthopedic shoes.
  • Wearing a Hat to Bed:  I suppose it’s bad luck because you are obviously drunk again.
  • Meeting Three Sheep: To meet three sheep is good luck. It’s the language barrier that’s awkward. “Hello, how do you do?” “Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”
  • Right Side of Bed: If you are accused of “getting up on the wrong side of the bed”, you need to know this. The right side of the bed is lucky. Using the left side will assure you a Grumpy Grumbleson sort of day.
  • Crossed Fingers: This symbol is used to ward off the devil; it is also popular at the craps table and right up to the time you can’t remember why you crossed your fingers.
  • Wear Clothing Inside Out: This is supposed to be good luck; I believe people who won’t wear their glasses made this up. My ex house helper used to fold my lingerie inside out. So this superstition, to me, means everything in my house has been broken and the liquor cabinet drained dry.
  • Putting Your Shoes On the Table: this action assures you will have bad luck and you already have horrid manners.
  • A Shrew in Your Pocket: Apparently, carrying a dead mouse in your pocket will ward off rheumatism. Could also get you a one-way ticket to the nearest psych ward.

I have a few suggestions to throw in here. While more fact than superstition, I’m the boss of this page so…..

  • Let’s Do Lunch: If someone says this to you, you can bet the farm it will never happen. EVER. Good luck.
  • Sleep With Wedding Cake Under Pillow: When I was little, it was almost a rule that you took a slice of wedding cake home from the festivities. Wrapped carefully and put under your pillow, you would supposedly dream of your future husband. This is NOT TRUE. You will, however, wake up in the middle of the night and eat the smushed cake. Perhaps the term, “midnight snack”, came from this activity. Fat luck.
  • Purple Teeth: If you drink red wine, you will have purple teeth, temporarily. The more you drink, the deeper purple.  Not the best look. Bad luck/Good buzz.

What superstitions strike your fancy?

Ok, gotta go. My glass slippers are hurting like a mother and my carriage has already turned into a pickup truck.


23 thoughts on “Are You Superstitious? Fact and Fiction ….

  1. You got me laughing with this post. I’ve heard this before: “You sure are superstitious.” A remark my former Twelve-step sponsor made when I was so certain God would judge me harshly for not tithing. I was a poor single mother at the time who could barely feed my kids.

    Heck, what happened to taking care of the widows and orphans? Well…I wasn’t a widow but it sure would have been nice. Then I wouldn’t have had to write on the cereal boxes those dastardly messages to my kids friends, “Don’t eat this or something terrible will happen to you!”

  2. *waves at izzie with a purple-toothed grin*

  3. I have my sport superstitions. If I watching a game (tv or in person), I may stay in the same seated position if things are going well. I know I have others, but my mind is drawing a blank!

  4. I kinda like the wedding cake under the pillow one. Plus, you know, there’s a midnight snack easily accesible.

  5. I sleep on the left side of the bed. Explains a lot.
    I knew a girl who didn’t like to exit a house through the same door she entered. She said it was bad luck. She also did a lot of drugs, so there’s that.

    • First of all, Amy, move to the other side of the bed. As for your friend, her drugs had her addled … the superstition is you must enter AND exit from same place. That explains a lot.

  6. Okay, which side of the bed is “right,” the bed as you’re standing at the foot looking at it, or the bed as you’re lying inside it?? Never could get that straight! The only thing I can remember is the Feng Shui rule about NOT sleeping with your feet aimed at your door — that’s the way they carry out dead people, so bad luck there. And I was always told wearing clothing inside out was bad luck!

    • Correct me if I am wrong, Debbie, but I think the “right” side is the “right” side when you look/lay from either vantage point. This … for a directional dyslexic. Wearing clothes inside out means you are drunk.:) hiccup ….

      • Gosh, now I’m all confused! It’s like when somebody talks about their second cousin twice removed — huh?? If I’m standing at the foot of the bed and looking at it, one side is on my right; if I’m lying on my back inside the bed, the other side is right. Otherwise, gee, I guess maybe you can’t get up off the wrong side of the bed! Don’t ask me, I can stumble without drinking anything other than water!!

      • Ok – I AM AN IDIOT!!!!! Look at the bed – hold up your right arm – get into the other side of the bed. Or sleep on the sofa:)

  7. I won’t ever open an umbrella inside my house. Bad luck. BUT quite happy to open one up in someone else house 🙂

  8. Great article – found it on the humor tag page.

    I’m not too superstitious, but my french wife refuses to say “good luck”. Instead she’ll say “Merde!”, and gets annoyed if I acknowledge that she said it, because then I’ve negated the luck. 😛

    • Hey Don! Try as I may, I cannot get saying “shit” instead of “good luck”. Will you please ask your wife how this works and get back to me? She sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks!

  9. Kids in New Brunswick wear their pyjamas inside out if they are hoping for a “snow day” the next day…


  10. Many years ago, Then Husband said you’re safe on a flight if there’s no nun onboard because in air disaster films, there’s always a nun. I thought that was hysterical, but since then I’m always relieved not to see a nun on my flight.

  11. Oh Renee, thanks for the tip!When I was little, I thought they were called “nuts”. Really.

  12. I wear my sweatshirts inside out because I don’t like the feel of the inside on my skin. I also wear a hat to bed because my ears get cold. I don’t believe I’m extra lucky or unlucky. When I’m cooking I have a burning urge to put a mixing bowl on my head to see if it will fit, so maybe I’m just really weird.

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