Are You Superstitious? Part 13


Parts 2-12 do not exist. But if you  are superstitious about that number, you can call it, Part 2. Am currently wearing a press-on device, $7, guaranteed to give me a brow lift in one hour. Which would be proof that I’d believe anything … including superstitions, except for the following:

  • “Wear your underwear inside out for good luck.” Trust me here, if you turn that frown upside down with inside out panties, you will NOT get lucky. And you might be drunk.
  • “A dog chasing its tail brings tornadoes.” No, no, no! Rabies? Yes. Tornadoes? NO! Rabid Luck … or drunk dog.
  • If you have a hole in your jeans, you will have a visitor.” Especially if the hole is in front of your privacy. A bit too “come and get it” for me.
  • “Eating a hair from a horse’s forelock is a cure for worms”. Let’s think about this. If you have worms, you are either dead or sick – if the latter, go to the damn doctor. If you can’t find a doctor and think this horsehair/forelock thing is the way to go, please wear a helmet. This is a recipe for a head injury, indigestion, and an isolation unit until the end of time.
  • “A cat onboard a ship is considered good luck.” Well, double duh and slap me silly. Of course a cat on a ship is good BECAUSE of all the rats on the ship. Purr Luck.
  • “Never bring a hoe in your house.” Especially if you can’t spell and you are a married man. Bad juju.
  • “If you drop a dishtowel on the floor, a worse housekeeper that yourself is coming to visit you.” Not. Possible. At. My. House. Dirty luck.
  • “If you sleep with a teabag tied around your head, you are an idiot”. ‘Nuff said here.

Must dash off to the store. The one hour, $7 brow lift worked! It lifted every piece of skin, from brow to scalp, right off the front of my face. As my skull is exposed, I either need to tie a pirate bandana (arrghhhh!) around my head for 4-6 months or find a perky, come hither, man magnet skull-cap. Ta Ta For Now!


30 thoughts on “Are You Superstitious? Part 13

  1. Hilarious, especially the hoe in the house part. OK, now let’s talk about that brow lift.

  2. Thanks for the laughs! I love your take on the ‘hoe’ 🙂

  3. No words, because I can’t stop laughing! Especially the ‘hoe’ bit.

  4. Hey Katie! A hoe is a ho is a …….

  5. My only Superstition is that I will NOT eat squirrel on a Thursday. 🙂 (And I try not to Hoard on the Sabbath)

  6. Hahahah! LMAO~ “If you have a hole in your jeans, you will have a visitor, (but) never bring a hoe in your house.” I am sorry, I think these two belongs 2gether.

  7. I knew I should have brought my cat on the cruise….

  8. Good humor to start my day! 🙂

  9. “a perky, come hither, man magnet skull-cap” Best. Line. Ever! Made my morning…


  10. These are too funny! And, I think a pirate bandana could be a good look for you. I hear that scarves are “in” for spring.

  11. I had a friend in high school who believed it was good luck to lick your thumb and touch the windshield whenver you went under a bridge. In hindsight, he was an idiot.

    • Hey Todd! We would put our hands on the ceiling and lift our feet when we went over a railroad track. About as idiotic as your friend and the windshield – hahahahaha!

  12. Glad you enjoyed the video. Have a good rest of the day.

  13. I saw that brow lift thing. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

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