The Laws of Attraction: Search Engine Quarterly


I need to clean up my act.  Every so often, I check on the terms people use to find this spot. A few of the latest ….

  • People playing Angry Birds at Royal Wedding (doubtful)
  • Angry Birds Royal Wedding (didn’t get that invite, either)
  • Royal Wedding makes me angry at my husband (ok)
  • Crazy art reindeer
  • Is wearing your knickers inside out lucky? (no, uncomfortable)
  • Do Indians believe that bird mess brings good luck? (have no idea)
  • Reality tv is filling our minds with bad things (yes, very bad, terrible things)
  • Don’t call me Edna (ok, Edna)
  • im not an idiot ok (yay you)
  • What does it mean by decaying of plants? (dead plants? duh?)
  • Dionne Warwick stink eye (see reality tv comment)
  • Hot dog woman (huh?)
  • Pantyhose dentist crowns my mouth (TMI)

Yep, I should really take a tonic and clean my mouth out with soap. But I’m going to clean house instead. Changing mind/woman’s prerogative.


13 thoughts on “The Laws of Attraction: Search Engine Quarterly

  1. Who is Edna?
    The dentist one is scary …

  2. I can’t even publish what’s on mine 😦

  3. Today I had, “i had my septic tank pumped a week ago and its backed up again”

    I thought I smelled something.

  4. Bravo! Brilliant! Real! Engaging! Extraordinary! (future reviews of this post)

  5. “wacky facts of potatos” was one of mine today…people have way too much time on their hands…

    Happy cleaning…


  6. Happy Mother’s Day Izziedarling! 🙂

  7. Bugginword just posted something like this. So what I want to know is why everyone else gets interesting search terms and mine are always terminally boring. What’s with that?

  8. Lately mine have all been nude figure skating. WTH?!

  9. I love looking at my search terms. They are so incredibaly random sometimes. I just wish I could know what it was they were really looking for.

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