Just Thinking Kooky Thinks

Hello, hello, hello! Are Mondays ever not maniac? If so, don’t tell me.

My dad had a successful surgery today. Rah! Sitting in the waiting room with my mom gave me much time for thought. Scary, right? I’m thinking …..

  1. Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger such an enormous idiot? I always wondered why Maria Shriver would even speak to him, much less marry him and have some of his children. I bet Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen are doing the happy dance. And I hope Maria makes out like a bandit in her divorce settlement.
  2. Why do hospitals with enormous cardiac units serve fried everything in their cafeterias? Obviously, to keep the patients coming BUT the medical people were eating that stuff as well. At least they were today. I had no  choice but to select sushi. Used to love it until I read a book where the guy called it “expensive bait”.
  3. One woman in the waiting room called the entire phone book from her small town to report on her mother. Her voice carried. Half the people in the town obviously didn’t know her mother but promised to meet her sometime; the others didn’t know mother had surgery but were mighty glad all went well. TMI.
  4. Took my closet to Pung, my favorite person who happens to own a dry cleaners. Her three-year-old daughter took 12 photos of my right ear with her mother’s cell phone. I have elf ears – no points, but small. Like my nose.  Which reminded me that I LOVE big noses. Not the crooked witch bumpy kind, just a big old schnozz. They are sexy on men. And probably women, too, but I don’t swim in that pool.
  5. When waiting room blabbermouth was quiet, my mother said, “Your middle name is Randal, you know.” Wherever that came from, I don’t know. I just said, “I seem to recall that.” For the last 100 years…..

Stupid Songs I Remembered I Hate While Waiting in the Waiting Room

  • “Baby I’m A-Want You” (I’m thinking that isn’t English)
  • “Never Gonna Give You Up” (stalker song)
  • “Balls to the Wall” ( sounds uncomfortable)
  • “You and Me and a Dog Named Boo” (poor Boo)
  • “Dancing on the Ceiling” (bad trip)
  • “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” (do tell)
  • “Pardon Me, I’ve Got to Kill Someone”(pardon me while I run like a scalded dog in the opposite direction)
  • “Tell Laura I Love Her” (tell her yourself; who’s Laura?)
  • “Let Me Tickle Your Fancy” (methinks NOT)

Now I must prepare for a bank presentation I have tomorrow. I’m going to present them with an ultimatum. Show Me the Money or Show Me the Money. The bank is bus stop for the lost and the insane – that’s the staff. Which changes every week, I swear. Have been in there no less than five times to clear up all sorts of mistakes; they NEVER fix them. Because the staff changes each week. After demanding to see the manager of the day, I may quote John Imhoff, who said, “Any organization is like a septic tank; the really big chunks rise to the top.” I will get satisfaction this time, even if I shown my money – and the door. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

I need chocolate.


18 thoughts on “Just Thinking Kooky Thinks

  1. Yay for your Dad on the successful surgery! Izzie Darling, your comments about those random songs you remembered you hated… first, remembering that you hated them? Hilarious. Second, the thoughts about the songs? Again – hilarious. Super fun kooky post! ~ Lenore

  2. Glad the surgery went well for your dad.

  3. They have sushi in your hospitals over there?
    I have a big nose.
    My dad loved that Laura song.
    Hope your dad recovers soon.

    • Honey, they have any and everything you could imagine. You are beautiful – love that nose! Thanks for the good wishes, so glad he was able to have the surgery. Cheers!

  4. Great news regarding your dad!

    I too have wondered about hospital food.

    Comments about the songs … you are brilliant!

    Good luck on dealing with the bank … bummer

    I’m keeping my nose a secret.

  5. Best wishes to your dad on a speedy recovery!

    I know that woman’s mother…she’s a bit of a busybody, but I suppose I could send her a casserole…

    My nose is small, but my ears aren’t…sigh…

    It’s good that you haven’t forgotten your middle name…do they know it at the bank? Good luck with that…


  6. Your blog makes my day, so glad someone can express in writing what I am usually thinking. Have a great day!

  7. Hey GG! Was so excited to see you subscribed; thank you so much! And thank you for the nicest of compliments! Hope to see you soon! xo iz

  8. Oh I’m crushed …. and I was counting on you to raise my self esteem.

  9. your brain and how it thinks astounds me. You are hilarious. Seriously. You always make me smile.

  10. Your bank sounds like our Walmart. They only hire the handicapped.

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