I’m Not Your Type; I’m Not Inflatable

Now that is a line I could have used in the past. Don’t need it anymore but you are welcome to use it when necessary.

Total silliness reigns here.  On purpose. Because it is fun to be silly and laugh a lot. I did both at a dinner party last night, and the person seated to my left said, “WHAT KIND OF DRUGS ARE YOU ON AND CAN I HAVE SOME?“. No drugs, no booze – just some levity when surrounding conversation topics were focused on divorce, dead people, and 401K’s . Which have apparently been downgraded to 201K’s. Let’s lighten up here, folks.  Moving on …

In an earlier post, I disclosed that all my trees have faces; Smiley McStump was featured. Here is my latest reveal:

Grumpy rabbit with weird nose hole and scary eye

Today is my “day off”; have been working up a storm. It doesn’t feel like work and that’s a good thing! So is cash.

more fun

Other thoughts 

    • Poor Wayne Newton has had a bad lip plump
    • If I eat breakfast, I feel sick all day
Must dash, pleading contemporary insanity …

11 thoughts on “I’m Not Your Type; I’m Not Inflatable

  1. Maybe it’s because you’re eating the wrong food for breakfast. Have you tried a Pop-Tart? (You knew that was coming, right?)

  2. Too funny. There is a line from a Bryan Ferry song that goes “inflatable dolly, you float in my new pool, your skin is like vinyl….” don’t remember the rest. But I’ve quoted it many times.

  3. Geez .. I would not have guessed that I would get news on Wayne Newton several times in less than a week … well, I saw a clip of he and Michelle Bachmann being interviewed together after the recent Vegas debate. He wouldn’t let go of her – thus maybe rushed to an inflatable.

    Oh well … let’s not regress. Have a good week!

  4. Doesn’t look like a rabbit to me, looks like an old man’s wrinkly knee … I do worry about you!

  5. This is the first blog post I’ve ready in a long time…thanks for making me smile 😉

  6. If I don’t eat breakfast, I feel weak all day! Oh, and then I eat way too much at lunch, compounding the problem.

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