If It’s Tuesday, I Am Freaky

75 and feeling fine

What freaks you out?

After reading a post about hotels by domermom, I was immediately reminded of things that go ick in the night. Starting with hotels – five-star or no star – hotel rooms freak me out. When I enter one, there are activities I am forced to perform. First, get hanger out of closet and remove bedspread using hanger. Toss anywhere out of view. Not a fan of gizz monsters/leftovers. Unpack socks. Lots of socks. Which come in handy when I need to walk on hotel room floor. There is no way in hell I would put my bare foot down on the carpet. See “leftovers”. Unpack flip-flops – for shower. Flush toilet with foot. I’m freaky that way.

Other Stuff that Gags Me

  • Food troughs, as in all-you-can-eat establishments
  • Sitting in traffic and looking over at the car next to me. The driver is digging for nose gold.
  • My dog trying to cozy up to my minimal chesticles. I didn’t breastfeed my babies; he is freaking me out.
  • Smells: scrambled eggs, wet puppies, ground beef cooking, chicken boiling, cig smoke in cars, b.o., Asiago cheese
  • People scratching their privates in public – get a room
  • Chaos – some people love an environment filled with ringing phones, slamming doors, loud convos – all fine, but not for me
  • Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul (I do this regularly)
  • Intentional disrespect – i.e. ugly scuffle on DWTS last night, Bitches Housewives of Beverly Hills always ganging up on one woman

Enough! Let’s end this on a positive note! Playing Words With Friends the other night, Lady Di used “ergo“; I LOVE that word. Other faves include scathing, magical, lilting, and – when strung together – you have just won 100 billion dollars. Haven’t heard that last one yet. Ergo, I’d best get back to work.


16 thoughts on “If It’s Tuesday, I Am Freaky

  1. heights
    thoughts of being buried alive or having to crawl through a small, underground tunnel to save my life
    driving on ice
    rude/ignorant/narrow-minded/offensive people
    smelling fish before it is cooked, knowing I will then be eating it
    biting into tuna that has relish in it (serious gag reflex, here)
    rude drivers
    most people who use cell phones in public places
    food troughs (yes) and watching adults feed crap to their fat children
    my GPS
    accidently touching gum (or something unidentifiable) stuck under a restaurant table

  2. When I get caught scratching my privates in public, I tell them to get a room.

  3. Two things for sure … all of us have our freak-out moments and you have such a way with words … thus causing several chuckles. Well done … and good to see you back in the posting saddle.

  4. You’re real mad bat, Izzie, God love you 🙂

  5. Looks like a “happy birthday” is in order! You look great. And, wow…do you have a thing about hotel rooms. Gee!! Glad I’m not going to one anytime soon as you’ve totally freaked me out.

  6. I always carry a can of Lysol when I travel. I douse everything, from the remote control to the bed to the bathroom. Maybe it kills 99.99% of germs; maybe not. It makes me FEEL better knowing I at least tried!!

  7. Food troughs freak me out, too. All those people digging through the same food. Not appetizing. That and the smell of liver being cooked. Gag.

    One of my favorite words is mirth. It’s just fun to say.

  8. I always carry a can of Lysol with me when I travel, Iz. I douse the TV remote control, the bed, and the bathroom — it’s supposed to get rid of 99.99% of germs. And, when I get back home, everything goes into the washing machine!

  9. I agree!!!! And happy birthday – I love the smile!

  10. I recently stayed at hotel (a hotel I have been to before) and was on top of bed watching tv when I noticed something crawling on floor below me. Scary scary. Makes me not want to stay in hotel anymore. 😦 They gave me a change of room but does that make me feel any better? Nooooo…

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