Heimliching My Dog and Other Stuff

Bear with me here – haven’t posted in so long, my fingers are rusty. But let’s do get down to business nonsense.

So, my dog will not re-enter the house without my giving him a treat. My bad and he’s a fatso as a result. But I digress. Several weeks ago, I provided the requisite treat to get his fat self back in the house. The treat was rather large. Several minutes later, I noticed him walking in circles, mouth open, ears down … choking. Somewhere, I’d read something about someone giving the Heimlich Maneuver to their animal. So I got my arms around him, did HM and out popped the offender. He was so happy, he went straight into Liberace mode.

Himself, after donning his faux fur stole

Hairy Stuff

So, my hair is longer than it’s been in 22 years. Big whoop, you say. Well, it’s working for me in two ways. First, my “do” is so patently different from my former “pixie”, I can go almost anywhere undetected. Really, people I’ve known since I was 12 don’t recognize me. So great for covert operations and dodging people I can’t possibly be nice to. Second, men like hair. Who knew? I’ve grown my hair out because I wanted to, period. But it is hilarious how many men talk to me. This is not a vanity thing; when you are a certain age, the eyes aren’t what they once were and I think they are just now figuring out I’m not a boy. Je suis tout étonné.

Need some awesome White Elephant gifts? I did and boy, did I hit the jackpot at Dollar Tree. Got 12 separate hair extension situations (a bevy of colors) for $12; my friends will be delighted.

Fab hair extensions, complete with braided bandeau

Old Photos

My mom keeps giving me old family photos. Here’s the latest – it’s really a dear mother/child shot.

My grandmother and mother - love


Am working through a load of pages. My book club is reading “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. Having a bit of a time getting into it. Other pages I’m turning:

  • Big White Panties by Dale Alderman – sort of amusing but no classic
  • Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane – she’s pretty funny
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer – loved this even though it broke my heart


Two words:  Dollar Store. No, you can’t buy everything there, but you can save some bucks. Aside from hair extensions, these spots are the best for wrapping paper, gift sacks, tissue, dental floss and weirdo stuff from childhood. Have also found an online shopping secret … check out websites you purchase from; they often featured unadvertised discounts – like 30-40% off. Experts say the discounts will only get deeper. Just so you know.

Ok, gotta mush.

Be happy – it’s a choice.


19 thoughts on “Heimliching My Dog and Other Stuff

  1. Izzie, it is SOOOO great to have you back! In you honor, I am heading out to the Dollar Store for some extensions….. they do have gray right? Welcome back Iz! 🙂

  2. miss reading your posts! happy holidays! (and yes, dollar stores are fun places to visit! hope your dog is ok)

  3. Welcome back … well done with the HM on the dog …. and I like both short and long hair. After all, which is more fitting depends on the individual – as I think of a friend who has been letting her hair grow out – and yes – I like it shorter on her.

    • Ah, Frank, always the diplomat :); hair is a funny thing – woman jack with it FOREVER and most of the men I know have very little left. A full head of hair – on a man – these days is like an enormous WOW. Certainly not necessary, but WOW.

      • LOL regarding men … and from one in a state associated with “good hair” in many ways.

        BTW – Although I have the urge to tell my friend I think her hair should be shorter, I couldn’t tell her because she is enjoying letting it grow.

  4. I’m happy to see a post from you!

  5. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s been AWOL! Welcome back, Izzie…I’ve missed you!


  6. Welcome back. The hair extensions (and the novels) sound like something you should forsake for a nice bottle of wine.

  7. I’ve missed hearing about your escapades, Izzie. And true to form, you’ve made me chuckle with your description about your dog. I so empathize. My Sheltie carries more weight then he needs, too; all because when he was little, we were trying to train him to potty outside and when he did, he’d get a “cookie.” At five years old, he STILL expects a cookie after doing his “business”!!!

  8. I’ve missed hearing about your escapades, Izzie. And true to form, you’ve made me chuckle with your description about your dog. I so empathize. My Sheltie, too, carries more weight than is good for him, all because when he was little, we were training him to potty outside and when he did, we rewarded him with a “cookie.” At five years old, he STILL expects a cookie after doing his “business”!!

  9. YEAH MEN LIKE HAIR. I’m surprised you didn’t know that. 🙂 (Although, we do also like the Pixie look too. It makes us curious – in a good way.)

    You’re a hero – God has a special place set for those who aren’t afraid to look or feel foolish when trying something that ends up saving a dog’s life, the way you did.

  10. Thank goodness your back, or I wouldn’t have known about those hair extensions…do they come in gray or grayish-white ?

  11. Happy New Year, Izzie!


  12. I kept thinking you are going to post something new so that I can pop over to say “Happy New Year Izzie” but since it’s now Jan 7, I thought I will just leave you a note here. Happy New Year, Izzie! Best wishes–

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