How to Stay Alive, So Far

Warning: the photo at end of this includes a word that some might find offensive. So sue me.

I will tell the story of the past 48 hours when later. Maybe. Have just two words for you : BE CAREFUL.

Despite the fact that I’ve always lived in nice places and have behaved myself sometimes, I’ve been a witness in a murder trial, thrown in the back of a car by two men (they were saving me from rapist), and almost shot while having a cocktail. I repeat, my lifestyle isn’t sketchy.

Night before last, a young woman was shot to death in her car. Within walking distance of my home. It is so tragic.

Already in possession of a serious alarm system, locked gates, a butcher knife by my bed, other accoutrement, and a ferocious dog, I’ve been forced to take things one step further. (Ferocious dog has hot spots, vet said to put him in baby t-shirt. I don’t have any baby t-shirts so Ferocious is wearing a smocked dress my eldest wore when she was three months old. Not very off-putting to criminals; dog won’t look at me). So, I have posted the following statement on all doors….

Here’s hoping criminals can read. And that the police find the %$#$ who killed an innocent woman. Very soon.

Pissed. Off to terror management.

Later. Hopefully.

11 thoughts on “How to Stay Alive, So Far

  1. Wow, Izzie. That is horrifying! Like you, I hope they find the perp that murdered the woman. I am glad you are safe – and I hope those signs help keep you safe.
    (healing wishes to the pooch with hot spots!)

  2. Be careful izzie. Sending you a virtual hug!

  3. I’m laughing at your poor dog in a dress. Can’t he have more manly attire? My boxer mix came with a trunk of clothes. Her favourite thing to wear was this stupid pink tutu (I threw it away). Please know this dog is a killer. She wants to fight/kill everything she sees, including some people, and she has the size to back it up. She’s 90 pounds of batshit insanity. But she likes to get dressed up and prance around.

    Criminals are bad. Stay safe!

  4. Stay safe, Iz! Say, Wal-Mart carries little boy T-shirts that probably would fit your pooch and not make him gender-confused. Just a thought!

  5. How scary! I think the sign should be bigger…maybe in neon lights, too, in case someone tries to get you while it’s dark.

  6. Hi Izzie, I am doing a blog giveaway this week, come over and support me. 🙂 Hope you are doing well and like chocolates.

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