Eleven Things I Know Are True

*Never get to blog anymore so when that one fine moment presents itself, I’m in. Which may explain why my posts are lengthy – want to get all these thoughts down because I don’t know when I’ll get back again. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I miss my friends in blogville. But the bills must be paid.


  1. Laughing feels so good.
  2. It’s ok to cry.
  3. Author Regina Brett says, “Everyone is important to someone.” I think she’s right.
  4. Sometimes I struggle with my age – even though it is only a number; I’m perpetually 27 but lately my bod had been issuing ugly reminders that I’m not … knees screaming about all the running and aerobics, back screeching about ridiculous yoga positions, arms bitching about carrying heavy stuff. My daughters gave me a Wii for Christmas. They said I couldn’t possibly do the Michael Jackson dance videos. Game on, I did them and got the high scores. No matter that I pulled a calf muscle. The look on their faces when they found out was worth the limp.
  5. It’s fun having hair. Mine is now long enough to put up in a crazy mess on top of my head. I LOVE that. Sort of weird – why grow hair out to put up. Because I can.
  6. Have mentally tossed a lot of people out of my lifeboat this year. Maybe a touch passive-aggressive, but the swimmers have no clue they’ve lost their spots, which is why they are gone in the first place. Duh.
  7. I love surprises! Today, two different adorables left me valentines and treats! Am I lucky or what?
  8. I can live with the fact that my daughters, on some level, will never forgive me for divorcing their dad. It is what it is. And that’s ok. At the risk of beating a very popular dead horse, I have to put on my oxygen mask first in order to help anyone else.
  9. Faith. Faith can be a real bugaboo for me. There are some things I know, and no noise can knock me off course. Other questions seemingly have no answers and comfort doesn’t exist. So I have to find that quiet place and hang there for a while.
  10. Work is good for me. Am so grateful to be working in crazy wonderful environments.
  11. Just finished cooking Valentine’s feast for my choice of best Valentine’s date in a long time … my eldest daughter! It will be great … as long as we don’t discuss politics, religion, money, furniture, or the future. Awesome.

This is lame and random. I am tired. Will return with ridiculous stories of real life adventures, sooner than later.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Be happy. Your choice.

16 thoughts on “Eleven Things I Know Are True

  1. Good to see you – Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Thanks Izzie for gracing your presence at my blog earlier and joining in the fun! Thank you! On another note, your #5 is making me laugh and 9, you will find it when you find it. 🙂

  3. Random yes, but not lame as there is much on ponder within your wit – so I will randomly respond to your randomness.

    Oh your hair again – I recall sometime ago making a statement about hair after your statement about men liking long hair – oh heck, something like that. So hey – you kept it growing! Key is you being happy with it.

    I know your “tossing out of the lifeboat” is serious, but it made me smile for some strange reason.

    Enjoy your time with your daughter … .and I’m happy you checked in with us.

  4. Woo-hoo a post from Izzie! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Izzie,

    I love your blog, thank you for writing today, so much of what you say hits home with me. Enjoy the day and night, good luck in your new work venture….

    Please don’t stay away too long…


  6. Dang, Izzie…this is SO good! Thank you!!!! I hope you have a wonderful dinner and thank you for sharing your love with us all year.

  7. You’re BAAACK — yeah! Missed hearing about your adventures, especially since your last post was on the scary side. I’m glad to learn life has improved – #4 still has me chuckling (though I’m sorry for your pain)!

  8. I love your posts! Always full of fun and good wisdom.

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