Should, Could, Probably Won’t

Oh My! Lent begins tomorrow and I’ve yet to figure out what to do. Am “supposed” to give up at least one thing in the spirit of sacrifice, but giving up is not an option at this point. There are too many things I could and/or should give up or do …. hmm …

  1. Do not contemplate existence at night: really am going to try this as trying to figure anything out after dark does not serve me well.
  2. Use the phone: the biggest complaint about me (to my face) is that I live in a no-phone zone. Meaning I don’t call anyone much. Not because I don’t want to talk, I do. My phone phobia is a result of a past job wherein I was required to answer my home phone, office phone, cell phone and a beeper at all hours. And no, I wasn’t a bail bondsman or bounty hunter.  Am getting a bit better … inch by inch … maybe … occasionally … not so much?
  3. Stop eating chocolate: not. going. to. happen.
  4. Stop eating fast food: this is a cheat, I don’t eat fast food.
  5. Stop flipping off idiot drivers: better do this; it’s just a matter of time until my middle finger is blown off by a driver packing heat. Note to self: turn the sass down when on road.
  6. Stop spending: oh, this could be good. Notice to mortgage company and any other business that requires me to bleed money – I’m giving up the bills for Lent. Love ya, mean it.
  7. Take dog on long walk: up for consideration … Australia, the Great Wall of China, Ohio …..
  8. Find balance: really. If you know where this is, please advise.

So much to do, so little time.


Be happy. It’s a choice. A hard choice for me, sometimes, but a choice nonetheless.

16 thoughts on “Should, Could, Probably Won’t

  1. I had a co-worker that adored desserts. He always had them for every lunch I ever shared with him. He ate them with glee. Every year he gave them up for Lent. I admired that so much. He really did sacrifice something he enjoyed. He even had them for dinner every night. I loved Jim…..may he rest in peace.

  2. Lol! These are great. Happy Mardi Gras!

  3. I hear ya on the sass on the road thing, except instead of giving people the finger, I give them “the look.” I feel that it makes them think about what they’ve done. Except, I did it this weekend, but the guy just waved and smiled at me creepily. Maybe I should rethink “the look” method.

  4. Most people would need to “not use the phone so much” but yours is exact opposite. 🙂

  5. Ah ha … here’s something to mull over.

    1) Give up giving up something.

    2) Lent is not about giving up, it’s about adding. Hmmmm … For instance, could you give some volunteer time?

    Love your rationale above.

  6. I gave up ice cream. That is HUGE for me, yet I feel ridiculous at the same time. The thought that i have the luxury to give up ice cream, yet there are people out there that give up eating every day because they can’t afford to eat. Uplifting, eh? Sorry.

    • Don’t be sorry – I know exactly what you mean. The things we take for granted are amazing luxuries to others. I really am thankful each time I do eat a meal. I know you are, too.

  7. This is late, but during Ash Wednesday services the priest said it’s not always what you give up, but what you start doing to make yourself a better person…volunteering, creating a goal and sticking to it (even something small like keeping your house clean), saying something kind to at least one person every day. We get focused on giving up, but it’s also about giving out.

  8. I’m not a huge proponent of the “lent thing”, but several years ago I decided that there is on thing that year in and year out I could give up for lent. So, my standard was set. Each year I give up giving things up. I get my best sleep during lent.

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