So Proud, So Very Proud

Not. So. Much. The recent search terms used to find this spot are … strange. See for yourself:

piised off quotes (Spell check, anyone?)

what dose it mean if a bird poos on your head (It means you can’t spell)

pms or entitlement (Neither, thank you)

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest Martini disorder (Good excuse to stay home from work)

roll tide in the Bible (Not to my knowledge, but ask Nick Saban)

it juzz like exploded or sumfin (Drugs kill brain cells or sumfin)

yodel hostess (Where and salary info, please)

adult needlepoint (As opposed to ….?)

pantyhose in the mouth (Food Channel recipe?)

caning over girdle (Not a preference)

jack in the box meditation (Hamburger, hamburger, hamburger….)

hores writing (Get a dictionary, please)

shut up. i’m mad (Shut up, yourself)

what are scary hairies (Ask your mother)

There were others – pickle sniffers, watermelon treefox poop. My favorite, which sums up this entire “search list” …. banshee crazy.

Later. Maybe.

12 thoughts on “So Proud, So Very Proud

  1. Yodel Hostess? As in Hostess cakes? A taste tester? That may be my dream job.

  2. thoughts … don’t get excited … it’s not a Hostess cake yodel but one of the Swiss Alps yelling sort – still, you might be interested …..

  3. These are always so funny. And a giant thank you for the shout out the other day!

  4. Search terms are always great for a laugh! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest Martini disorder.”

  5. These are always my favorites. I just started compiling my next list of search tearms to write about, just need to go back and add commentary now. I think the search function thing could keep blogging alive into eternity. It generates so much fantastic material.

  6. My number one search term is “naked figure skating”. I have no idea what that’s about.

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