Weirdos and Words: Get Your Freak On

I love words. Which means I am a logophile. Have used this as my defense every time I get a message from WWF player calling bs on my submission. Bam! I love words. Sue me.

It could be much worse. Sharing ….

alektorophilia – obsession with roosters or chickens

gynotikolobomassophile – nibbler of women’s earlobes

harpaxophilia – affinity for getting robbed

apodysophilia – “feverish desire to undress”

An apodysophiliac might want to meet a clinophiliac because the clino has a passion for beds. Ok, no more matchmaking.

labeorphily – student and collector of beer bottle labels

pogonophile – beard lover

spermophile – “member of family of seed-loving rodents”; this one is weird. I know a lot of rodents, but they are human and drive cars. Must ask if they eat seeds.

If you are a logophile, there’s a great new iPhone app, Wordy, The Logophile’s Primer. The word for today is ““grindhouse“. I thought it was maybe a mill for grits but no …. a grindhouse is a “low-budget film theater that shows primarily exploitation films”. Nevermind.

Now I’m bored. The word for that is “flighty“.


*Don’t take your kids to a grindhouse to see Mary Poppins. Not gonna happen.

18 thoughts on “Weirdos and Words: Get Your Freak On

  1. “Words, words. They’re all we have to go on.” — Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

  2. pogonophile, FINALLY a word for my disorder. I’ve just been calling myself a Lumber Jill.

  3. I think I might have a slight case of alektorophilia but not in a sick perverse way !!!!

  4. Cool post. Learn something new everyday. I think my clino is calling me because I need to sleep to function. 🙂 Night night or have a nice day whenever you are reading this. 🙂

  5. I strive to use each of these words in a sentence this week. Hilarious!

  6. Thanks for my Scrabble notes.

  7. Great words! I did not know that about you… why would I?

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