Habits to Kick with Both Feet & Habits to Embrace

“If at first you don’t succeed, you’re running about average.”

(Marian Hamilton Alderson)

“Average doesn’t cut it.”


Note to self: do something, anything about the following:

    • Onion dip and potato chips are not a healthy dinner choice. If this is unavoidable, check out Clinton Kelly‘s recipe for homemade onion dip – it is beyond tasty.
    • Emotions are fickle; do not confuse with truth.
    • Finish one project before starting another. But there are so many, I get bored and am easily distracted …. oh, okay, take ADHD vitamin and focus.
    • When it becomes a choice to be kind or be right, always choose kind. Being right – and smug – ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. It is cracked. For me.
    • Always take bag when walking dog. Sometimes I forget and dog does his thing. This situation is sort of like stepping on a crack – no bag and business means I will step in it shortly.
    • Keep your friends close and your frenemies at bay. Yeah, yeah … the saying says keep enemies closer. Ridiculous. Choosing to have a bad experience over a great one? Not an option for me.
    • Make a comment instead of pushing “Like” button when reading blog posts.This is addressed to me – “like” is great, so no haters. I push the “like” button all the time. But am going to attempt to do otherwise; if bloggers have taken the time to write and I have taken the time to read their posts, then it makes sense for me to commiserate, congratulate, admire … whatever. But you are welcome to “like” me anytime you want.
    • Stop wearing clothes inside out. Happens all the time. Must slow down and look in mirror before exiting home. This sort of issue is crazy cat lady stuff. I don’t have a cat. And I’m not crazy. That’s a lie. A little bit crazy. Acknowledge contemporary insanity and slow down when dressing.
    • Lead with love and compassion. Yesterday, a woman came into the shop where I work. She was looking for a hat and veil for her best friend. Whose husband had passed away. Although we’d never met, we spent a good hour trying to find the perfect pillbox hat for her bereaved friend to wear to the funeral. During that time, we talked about any and everything. And when she left, tears were rolling down both our cheeks. She was an amazing example of leading with love. And a stellar reminder to me to do the same.
Dashing ….

23 thoughts on “Habits to Kick with Both Feet & Habits to Embrace

  1. Great advice! I can relate to so many. I had no idea that Clinton Kelly had an onion dip recipe. Now I’m craving it for lunch!! Could I please use the emotions vs. truth as a tattoo to put upon my head…or my heart?
    The last one is the most important. Always love, alway compassion.

    • OMG – go to The Chew website and get that recipe – it is better after a few days so lunch not an option but you will be sooooo happy:); yes, you most certainly put that tattoo on your heart, not a good look for head. And yes, always love, always compassion! x iz

  2. Fact #1: I do not like plain potato chips.
    Fact #2: I do like plain potato chips if there is dip nearby.

  3. I was going to hit “like,” but that feels so wrong, somehow.

    Excellent point about not eating chips and dip for dinner, but what about Thin Mints? Vienna sausages and crackers?

    • Todd – “I was going to hit “like”, but it felt so wrong, somehow”. FIRST LINE OF NEW SONG BY TODD PACK – what do you think? Could catapult you into Songwriter Hall of Fame. Just sayin’

  4. Haha, great list. You always make me smile when I read your posts! And lookee! A real comment instead of a ‘like’ 🙂

  5. I am like you in some ways. I start multiple projects and I get bored easily. One thing I haven’t gotten bored yet is taking pictures…so that’s that. Oh and eating. 😀 As for wearing things inside out…that doesn’t happen often, but recently, I did wear my jacket inside out and found out about it inside the elevator when I reach into my pocket and found that the pockets moved. Lol.

  6. I thought as I got older surely I’d get out of the chip-and-dip-for-dinner phase. Its not happening. I don’t think it will ever happen. Breakfast is even worse…come to think of it, lunch may be the only REAL meal I eat throughout the day. Oops.

  7. Ok, how did you know I resort to chips and dip for dinner??? Oh the life of a busy single mom…The first thing I read this morning was this post and I am so glad I did. The emotions vs. truth, yep-I’d take that quote to the bank. Much needed this A.M. Thanks!

    • Because … I’m busy, I’m single, I’m a mom? Even though nest is empty. Isn’t it just easier to pull that stuff out than cook? Of course! Yep, emotions are a BITCH. You have the best day, tiny!

  8. How come when I fail to carry a doggie bag on our walks, Darling Sheltie insists on pooping in the yard of my neighbors? Or random old people? When otherwise he manages to hold it until he reaches a city-owned median? Dogs, meh!

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  10. I love your list! The “keeping your frenemies at bay” one has taken me years to adopt. I don’t have any true enemies, but for some reason I frequently feel like I have to keep up with those who aren’t great friends, when all they really do is bring me down due to their constant negativity. Letting go of those friendships is so freeing.

    I wear my clothes inside-out too. Not often, but it’s happened enough that I’m real careful now.

  11. Okay…chips and dip ARE a perfectly good dinner, but not onion dip…gives me gas.

    Finish one project before starting another…Really?! I gave my friend a newborn quilt for her daughter today. I started it two months before the baby was born. The “baby” just turned 4 years old.

    I prefer to keep my frenemies close. That way I know what they are up to.

    • Mea culpa.Chips/dip are a fine dinner. Re: onion dip – have you looked into GasX or Beano? That onion dip recipe is SICK! As for the quilt project, your friend and her “baby” are so lucky – am sure they didn’t care when it appeared. When I kept frenemies close, I did know what they were up to and it made me miserable. But whatever works!

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