Booking It

Better get these on the books before I get bored and start … handfishing with hillbillies. Not really. I don’t hang with hillbillies. And my relationship with fish involves cooking and a fork. But I digress …

Just read, am reading, will read:

  • The Other Tudors, Henry VIII’s Mistresses and Bastards by Philippa Jones. My obsession with all things Henry continues. Jones was/is a historian, and a good one at that. Each page is so full of information, I might finish when I’m 75, but this is a good book.
  • An Available Man by Hilma Wolitzer. The story of a 62-year-old widower thrust back into the world of women. Not a snore. This is a  good read and full of surprises. Brava, Hilma!
  • Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. At my bedside, ready to read next. Great reviews for this “jaw-dropping” portrait of modern India.
  • Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. Stylish portrait of the higher life in 1930s New York. Still reading … really like the narrator but the lifestyle makes me want to go to AA and the characters make me sad.
  • The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons 
  • Gone With A Handsomer Man by Michael Lee West. Have always been a huge MLW fan; this would be my least favorite of all her book. Whining.
  • Rules for Virgins by Amy Tan. This one is a Kindle Single – a 40-page story that may or may not be part of future book. Shanghai. 1912. Former courtesan advising aspiring one. Fascinating.


10 thoughts on “Booking It

  1. Thanks for the book list maybe it will get me out of my hopelessly romantic crap that I read for entertainment and wishfulness…

    • Ok, GG – sit down. 1. Lose hopeless – anything IS possible. 2. Romantic crap is fun sometimes. 3. Entertainment is necessary; non-negotiable. 4. Wishfulness can be reality – with a plan. Let’s make one. x iz

  2. Of course my eyes caught this title … Rules for Virgins … but the best part was your hillbillies and fish comment still has me laughing.

  3. Will check out Rules for Virgins!

  4. If I may go off on a slight tangent, I really like Kindle Singles. I just read one by a character actor who spent a miserable year as a staff writer on Seinfeld. I love the idea of someone having an idea, writing it down and putting it out there, without having to worry a lot about editing and publishing and marketing, and if a title catches your eye, they’re cheap enough that you’ll just buy it. It’s a great invention, the Kindle Single.

    • Yes, you may go off on slight tangent. Oh, you already did. I am with you, 100% Todd. The singles I’ve read have been stellar! Thank you for bringing this to light 🙂

  5. I haven’t read a book, let alone a good book, in ages. I used to panic if I didn’t have at least 3 books on my nightstand. Now I’m debating a Kindle…once I get a job, of course.

    • First, here’s to you getting a FANTASTIC job. As for Kindle, Nook, any of those – well, after fantastic job, if you get a smart pad or ipad or anything other than a sanitary pad, the apps for all of those are free. 🙂

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