Have been over the river and through the woods. No wonder my mind works like a pinball machine – ideas bounce all over the place. Really? Really!

Love strong coffee with artery-clogging cream, good men(hard to find fo sho), funny people, peonies, sweet tea, family, laughing hard, reading, creating, Italy, my daughters, good surprises,  Henry VIII, and my rescue dog.  And dancing all night.  And a good French 75, Moscow Mules and Mexican beer.  And Scotland. And french fries.

Can curse in five languages.  Believed in therapy until my therapist told me I should be a therapist (WHAT?!?)

Wrote for magazines for many years, taught yoga (Tex-Mex) for many more. Am curious by nature and love red licorice. Love music and love to dance anywhere – except church.  Prefer to wear dresses, jeans or workout clothes.  Fabulosity is a total bore.

Am deathly allergic to: passive-aggressive people, unsolicited bitchery, adult temper tantrums, offices, too much tequila, and country-western dancing. Add scrambled eggs, the word “deserve”, entitlement, mean girls and closed minds.  And I will like you better if you use your library voice. No screeching allowed in this universe. Not my kind of crazy? You will not be in my lifeboat. Just the facts.

I believe in the power of $5 bills and love. Oh, and releasing at least 10% of friends into the universe and off my space once a year. So, sue me.


“Don’t put your happiness in someone else’s pocket.” Probably not a good idea to put anything in someone else’s pocket.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey glad to find the blog you had me laughing and shaking my head in agreement too! Where is your header pic from, that looks familiar? Somewhere in the UK? Thanks for the comment too.

    • Hello! Stumbled on you via good ole Facebook. You know, the little ads on the right side of the page that tell you who you should be friends with because you happen to have a mutual friend? In our case, it’s Brown and from Suffield. Anyway, enjoyed your blogs and find them entertaining as well as enlightening. Despite my age (same as you) and the “Many Lives of Dobie Gillis” syndrome I have yet to appropriately understand the workings of the female of our species. You have helped somewhat in allowing me to come to the realiziation that perhaps that is as it should be. The mystery remains a mystery and any well-read person knows that mystery is indeed the spice of life. All that said, thanks for the good read(s) and if you like to read the blogs of other’s, then check me out at blogspot. Or, jamesrstout dot com. Thanks again for the wit, humor, and great attitude and don’t forget to “mice en scene”.

  2. Your truly a hoot and I enjoy reading your blog. High Five and booty shake!

  3. I really like the happiness-pocket quote!

  4. This is just fabulous. I’m going to be engulfed in your blog for hours now!

  5. Am loving your blog…share lots of common traits with you: Love funny people, peonies, sweet tea, family, laughing hard, reading, creating, Italy, my daughters, good surprises, baking bread, dancing all night. I collect everything but am not a hoarder. I love red licorice (I ate a pound of it every day when pregnant with my first daughter – she did come out looking kind of red and twisted!). Love music and love to dance anywhere. I also have a former husband. I prefer to wear jeans.

    Sadly, I don’t do yoga…lol.

    Wondering if I could add a link to your blog on mine?



  6. Another thing good to probably not put in someone else’s pocket is ourselves.
    I’m going to remember that for me from here on out.

  7. You’ve got that right, Dianne!

  8. I think I like you! We can share the hospital room when we need to get our arteries cleared from that fabulous creamer and I too am allergic to passive aggressive people. . . every time my husband’s sister calls I break out in hives and get a stomach ache!

  9. Whenever I need a smile…I come back and read this BIO! True Brilliance!! 🙂

  10. I’ve been reading/subscribed to you blog for over 6 months and I am now getting around to reading the “About” section. Mexican beer? Sweet tea? Scotland? You had me at Scotland. I’m six-two and I read your blog when I need a good laugh or a healthy dose of synicism. Too bad my spelling stinks – and I write for fun! Ha!

  11. It takes me awhile to discover the obvious things in life. All I need is a rolled-up newspaper upside the head and everything gets straightened out! Happy New Year, Izzie!

  12. With so many good adjectives, I have to get back here more often. A tip of the hat to you on this soggy day from Cincinnati.

  13. Just stumbled here due to reading your comment at Frank’s. Great site!

  14. Just discovered your blog…where have I been all this time? You are, my dear, my sister from another mother!! I am loving reading your musings, and can relate to many of them. Hugs to you, darling!!

  15. Hi! I tagged you in a blog question-and-answer game! If you want to play, visit my blog to see what to do!

  16. I love you and this is a great post

  17. I’m not sure how I got here. I had “The Whatever Factor” in my blogroll, but this isn’t the same site. Or is it? I have been away from my own blog for a long time, so this could be something new from someone I’m familiar. Glad to be here, though.

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