Drum Roll, please ….

If you didn’t read previous post, this will make NO sense.  But for the two of you who did, the answers are below.  And, the smartest person  in this room is …friggin loon, which should come as no surprise to anyone who reads her friggin hilarious blog.  But I digress …next time I do trivia, I’m putting the answers in, too.  The suspense, even though I knew the answers, was killing me.  Plus, throwing stuff out there and not giving all the info is sorta like saying, “I know a secret about you but I’ll tell you later.”  Digressing again – answers:

  1. Mohammed; shocking, eh?
  2. Green; gross
  3. Fur (PETA was alive and well in the 17th- century); left
  4. 7 minutes (except for me)
  5. 10 days
  6. Left
  7. Willy (perfect) and Jonas Grumby
  8. The person died in battle
  9. Month, purple, orange, silver
  10. Fauntleroy
  11. Eight legs, eye at end of each leg (duh! hahahah)
  12. Women but men wink more (double bleck)
  13. The King of Hearts and he’s missing his moustache
  14. 12,345,678,987,654,321
  15. twit …so why didn’t Twitter use a pregnant goldfish as logo?
  16. Leon Leonwood, or you could call him RICH
  17. Alaska
  18. Prince of Wales
  19. To protect the bride from evil spirits ……
  20. Cranberry sauce!


Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna

Ha!  As if.  With a deep curtsy and gracious nod to the recent post, Well Slap My Ass and Call Me Charlie  by A Fly On The Wall, that header just had to happen.  And, no one is going to whip me, beat me, or call me “Edna” without my permission, which will never be granted.  So there.  

Sweet Fly, in what can only be considered a moment of temporary insanity, has given me an award.  Blushing with false  modesty.   



What? Me? Surely you jest ...

 As with any award, responsibilities follow.  Fortunately, no money required.  If I understand the rules correctly, I am to reveal seven fun facts about myself and pass the award on to 15 other bloggers. So, facts first:  

  1. The only nude photos of me in existence were taken when I was a baby.
  2. Won $20K in a contest.  One of those where you fill in your name, address, slap a stamp on and mail.  And, no, you may not have any of the cash; it disappeared long ago.
  3. With respect of #2, am constantly asked why I don’t buy lottery tickets.  Fran Lebowitz said it best, “I figure you have the same chance of winning the lottery whether you play or not.”
  4. While I stand at 5’7″, my forearms and tibia are the same length as those of a 6′ woman.  I am a spindly spider.
  5. Drove 90 miles a day to and from high school; am not Abraham Lincoln, it was a necessity.  Hate driving as a result.
  6. With one exception to #5, went on a wildly fun road trip with three amigas the summer before senior year of college.  First day out, we discovered “mini” beers.  We consumed many “mini” beers.  So many, in fact, that when we woke up in a hotel room the next morning, we had to go to the front desk and ask what city and state we were in.  The proprietors, Humpty and Dumpty, told us we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Do Not Drink and Drive.
  7. If ever served liver, order a large glass of milk.  Smile as you put small bites of nastiness in your mouth.  Immediately reach for milk and deposit liver.  Smile and repeat. Do not drink milk.  Worked for me.

Now, finally, on to real fun and far superior writing for all the right reasons.   I would add descriptions to the following bloggers’ blogs, but am unworthy as they use their words in ways I can only aspire to.  Drumroll, please. Passing the award to the following, in no particular order:  

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Pass it on, people.  Cheers to you all!