Monkey Mind Monday

Man, am I glad it’s Monday. I think. Another rollercoaster week over. Have not written a word or pulled out even one of my 350 inspiration candles in seven days.  WARNING: this post will meander, so join me only if you are up for … whatever. If you have suggestions to any questions I pose, bring them on!

Beauty from Lady Di's MV garden

I thought it would be a good idea to start with a pretty picture. So there.

  • The very best dress I have seen to date was worn by Claire Danes last night at the Golden Globes. Perfection by Calvin Klein
  • Lady Di entertained Cowgirl and me in Dallas for 48 hours. As always, it was the best kind of fun – incessant laughter (all of us) and waterworks (provided by moi). My two blessings – in human form. Also enjoyed a cameo appearance by Lord Di aka Dr. Twistoff. Woo Hoo! He was dashing off for a South Texas adventure … with Nick Mason. Just another brick in the wall…. if you are scratching your head re: NM, google Pink Floyd. Which reminds me of surprising info I heard recently…
  • A new friend was recounting a recent phone call he’d had with his friend in Nashville. Apparently the Nashville guy and his wife were hosting her tennis group’s holiday party. And in walks Stevie Winwood. Just another team member’s mate. Awesome. The confused may google the man, Blind Faith, and Traffic. Roll with it …..
  • It could just be the people I know, but 95-percent of everyone is up to their eyeballs in major issues … did the moon fall off or what? Can’t stand for anyone to have problems but it is part of life. But this is BEYOND. Between aging/and or ill parents, errant children, empty pockets, too many pockets, emergency appendectomy ( is that ever planned?) – well, we’re all just shoveling shit as fast as we can. And it stinks. I want some life perfume and I promise to share. That being said, I KNOW my very worst day is another’s very best so …
  • Am quite comfortable in my cozy home. Just me and the dog. What I find I miss – at times – is companionship. Conversation. Bouncing ideas, thoughts, concerns back and forth. Doing stuff.  But my companion compass is wacked – I can’t pick’em for the life of me (i.e. last year’s model was the essence of a bad country-western song … lying, cheating, blah, blah, blah). Didn’t invest much so it wasn’t a loss but a win for me. Still….
  • When someone in my position tries to explain this inexplicable feeling which translates as “Damn it to hell, I am SO tired of responsibility and other stuff”, friends do their best to comfort me, providing suggestions and encouraging words. And they are well-meaning suggestions. Actually, there’s a funny aside to this. There are brave people and weenies. I would be a weenie. Brave people seek companionship all sorts of ways – joining groups, online connections, etc. Cowgirl defined my Achilles heel last week. Anytime words like “e-harmony” and “” are mentioned, I burst into tears. Will. Not. Go. There. The. End. Am so delighted for all the people who do. Just not that woman. And I don’t want any lectures; if that’s your deal, fab. End of story.
  • A bird just shat on my left breasticle. Does that mean anything other than I have to go change shirts now?

Putting you out of your misery, I’m off to repair my wardrobe malfunction. Really hope you are having a much better life than described above. Really.


**Forgot to tell you the seven candle words I pulled: curiosity, excellence, success, balance, creativity, longevity, and harmony.




Is This A Joke?


“As a rule, man’s a fool. When it’s hot, he wants cool. And when it’s cool, he wants hot. Always wanting what is not.”

Patience and Contentment.  These two words appear back-to-back on the candles I burned yesterday and today. When I drew patience, I had to laugh. If my mother said it once, she said it 1000 times:  “Patience is a virtue.” A virtue I didn’t ever have until about a year ago. And trust me, I am NOT St. Izzie of Coolville.  Patience about most everything escapes me daily. Experience tells me that stepping back and taking a deep breath or ten is exceedingly less stressful than jumping to conclusions, wearing the floors thin by pacing back and forth, worrying about the 99.9-percent of life that is out of my control. Ok, so patience and I are a work in progress. Rah!

“If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little will be much.” (Hesiod)

Contentment. Don’t seem to hear a lot about that. But I sure like it. My definition, via The Eagles’ song, is “a peaceful, easy feeling”. When I consider the very serious issues my friends and family face on a daily basis, I should be Mayor of Blissed Out. And I do feel contentment much more now. Reality bites enormous chunks out of our collective asses on a regular basis. Victims mourn the loss; survivors heal and move on down the road. Just sayin’.

So, no, patience and contentment in the same sentence would not be a joke. Good for a long brain munch, but no joke. And, damn it all, I WANT to be Patient and Content RIGHT THIS INSTANT or I will be devastated and throw myself in the garbage. JUST KIDDING!

Guilty as charged: I have no patience with purposely dumb. The phrase, “She needs to change her oil filter” flies out of my mouth more often than “thank you“. So, with divine intervention, I will utter, “She needs to clean her lint trap“, less and be more patient will dull blades, content with the fact that people everywhere think I’m dumber than dirt.  And so it goes.


*Am NOT dumber than dirt about everything, just finances, relationships and that kind of stuff.

Inspiration and Confidence: What’s Your Take?


It’s a double word day here in the Kingdom of … Inspiration and Confidence. Just kidding … I think … maybe? So I’ve been chewing on inspiration for a day, confidence for an hour.

“Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.” (Earl Gray)

I believe confidence is inspired. By successes and failures, winning and losing, searching and finding. There are people I find inspiring just because they are so comfortable in their own skin. They exude confidence, whether it’s real or not. The exuders who came to mind yesterday were Nora Ephron and Bette Midler. Two very smart, very funny women. Today my inspiration could be the captain of a pirate ship or the man who picks up my trash. We’ll see. 

Maybe Jimmy Buffett sums up this whole life thing with a few lines from his song, Cowboy in the Jungle:

“We got to roll with the punches, play all of our hunches, make the best of whatever comes your way. Forget the blind ambition, learn to trust your intuition — plowing straight ahead, come what may.”

I like that. And I’m not a Parrothead nor do I own any Buffet music. But he’s a smart guy when it comes to writing about life. Of which inspiration and confidence play enormous roles.

 What inspires you? How do you define confidence?

With those big questions hanging in the air, I’ll take my leave for the moment. Am inspired to eat chocolate and confident I will find some in an old purse or pocket or something.


*Here’s a snap of my current inspiration:

yep, they are mine





Help Wanted: Need Advice AGAIN

Dear Smarter People Than Me (that would be a majority of the population on Wednesdays and Fridays):

I have a very small, very new candle company. The product rocks. The locals love. I do not sell to stores nor will I. Because the quality must be perfect for me to sell, the cost is higher than that of say, Glade.

I am prohibited from selling them on Etsy. While I select and purchase my fragrance oils, design and create all labels and marketing materials, I have a candlemaker. Which knocks me out of the homemade arena.

  I’ve bought good stuff on eBay. But the candle section leaves me stone cold. I’m not a “Grandma’s Teacup filled with wax” kind of show. So now I am wondering if I just do my own website. If that is the case, where, what, and how much?

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and input.



*just kidding about the smarter days – throw all seven in there*

And One To Grow On…

366 Wishes Candle Set/Red Envelope

Happy New Year! The photo above is part of a candle set I wanted for Christmas. Yes, I do have a new candle company and no, I didn’t make up this idea but I love it anyway. When youngest daughter asked for my Christmas wish list, this was on it. So I taped a picture of it to her forehead, sue me. There is an inspirational word on each of the 366 candles. Burn one a day. LOVE. Anyway, yesterday being last year and all, I chose to burn my “extra” to start the new year off just right. I randomly chose “Laughter“.

Laughter, is there anything better? (Yes, I am well aware of other better things, but let’s just stick with laughter here, ok?).  And that was the perfect word for the last evening of the year. A casual dinner with close friends at home and SO MUCH LAUGHTER. And good food, lots of champagne, and dancing all through the house and out into the backyard. My kind of fun. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent many a New Year’s Eve with these same friends and was reminded of an especially eventful one two decades before.

I was 17 months pregnant with baby #2. Nevertheless, I donned a cocktail tent and high heels and we left all the birthed babies with one  babysitter. When we returned to our friends’ home to fetch baby #1, the sight of the poor woman trying to juggle three very miserable babies (mine was literally tied to her back with a dustrag), made me lose control of myself. We started laughing so hysterically and I was so ridiculously pregnant, well … I had a wee accident. It would have been no biggie but Mick kept shooing me off their Oriental rug like I was a bad poodle. Which made me laugh so hard I channeled a racehorse. Not my most dignified moment nor was the rug ever the same. But it was funny. 

I did mind my manners last night. Or not. But no rug accidents. And I’m not pregnant. Or if I am, it IS a miracle AND the Second Coming. Not to change the subject but my contribution to the dinner was Spinach Gratin, recipe by the Barefoot Contessa.  It is a great recipe and I highly recommend it, but you really must love onions – 4 cups of chopped onions in a recipe that says it serves 8? Good grief … my house still smells like Coney Island.

Sorry I am all over the map as I write this. Main thing is – laugh! I thought of a good way to make myself laugh when I am not feeling it. Watch those crazy laughing baby videos on YouTube. Hilarious!

Dying to know what today’s candle is? Imagination. I don’t know what to think. Have to go light my way and see what pops up.


*It might seem that I was callous toward the feelings of the babysitter in the incident mentioned above. I was. But she was paid handsomely. And it was a long time ago … just sayin’…