98 Things: Part Two

I’m back to add to the list. The stupid format won’t let me start with 21 so use your imagination.

  1. I love Henry VIII when he was young; I love the Mitford sisters.
  2. I do not like London.
  3. When someone asks you a highly personal question that is none of their business, respond with the question, “Why do you ask?”.  End of convo.
  4. People who believe that romantic relationships should be issue-free don’t have them.
  5. Katherine Ann Porter said, “Love must be learned, and learned again and again; there is no end to it.  Hate needs no instruction, but only wants to be provoked.”  Truth.
  6. “Don’t look back unless you want to go that way.”
  7. “I value the friend who, for me, finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who, for me, does not consult his calendar.”  <Braught>
  8. “When things go wrong, I don’t have to go with them.”
  9. Cowgirl is on a matchmaking tear.  I already have a social life, but she had an “epiphany” Thursday wherein she decided that I might just get along famously with the man on her mind. I just smiled.  She is currently researching her intuition.  This idea will be put on hold Tuesday as it is the beginning of the Cowgirl Birthday Festival, usually a month-long series of events that include many celebrations, a number of hijinks and a bunch of fun – all in her honor.  Maybe she will forget about her matchmaking, or maybe she won’t.  Whatever!
  10. That list of a million types of bitches that has been forwarded all over the internet is amusing; it’s even funnier when you acknowledge that men can be “bitches” too.  Works both ways.
  11. I apologize to the brilliant blogger who had this on her website – I didn’t write your address down.  Her eloquent words speak/yell/scream my exact feelings about someone I love very much has done.  She said, “You can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.”  Amen.
  12. Fashion advice for Women and Men:  please wear pants that fit you.  I don’t have an unnatural interest in “privates” but taco crotch on either gender is far-fetchy and way too much visual information.  Trust me, there’s nothing sexy about it and you will feel better if you just buy a larger size. Literally.
  13. If you’d like to order me a drink, I’ll have a gin and tonic with two limes, a freshly made mojito or a glass of champagne.  Thank you very much.
  14. Tan Tan, the precious 16-year-old son of Tam Tam, calls me “Love Bucket”.  A couple of years ago, he planned our wedding.  It is to take place at one of those amusement parks in Florida, can’t remember the name.  We will get married and then all the guests will get slimed (?).  Then we will move to Las Vegas and live in a mansion with his mother.  I’ve yet to receive a ring, but he did call me last night to tell me he loved my cheddar/bacon bread.  And he has no problem with me dating and/or marrying someone else  – obviously not the jealous type!  Win-win.
  15. Everyone wants to love and be loved.  I do.  But I don’t think everyone knows how to go about it.
  16. In the past, I would accept the unacceptable just to keep the peace.  No mas.
  17. Don’t point your finger at me and please  look me in the eyes when you are speaking to me. Thank you.

Oh my, am just to #37 (counting Part One).  What a workout.  Off to nap.


98 Things: Part One

I know, I know … normal people write about 100 Things.  But I want to leave some space for spontaneity so I am going to list 98 Things about whatever comes to mind.  Just the thought of counting that high, at this moment, wears me out.

  1. Went to bed after midnight.  No alcohol involved.
  2. Woke up at 5 am this morning to bake.
  3. Cooking with garlic at 5 am makes me gag.
  4. I love my bed because it is poofy like a marshmallow and I sink into it.
  5. When my daughters come over/home, they think I’m too skinny and don’t have any food in the pantry.  The too skinny part is correct but I’m trying to put on some weight; the pantry part would be incorrect.  I don’t have any food they like in the pantry.
  6. I am not strong.  I have to be, especially lately, but I would rather not have circumstances that require so much emotional strength training.  Like who wouldn’t?
  7. I love hidden object and match-3 computer games; at the moment, my favorites are Pastry Passion, Go Go Gourmet, 2 Tasty, and Alchemy Deluxe (not a hog or match).
  8. In the 8th grade, my friend, KK, and I made a requirement list of qualities the men we would marry would have to possess.  I still have it.  We were insane and obviously operating with zero info on the male species.
  9. I used to win contests.  You have to enter to win.  I won a national contest and they sent me a big check.  Note to contenders:  the government gets 1/2 – or at least it did when I was winning.
  10. I don’t want to be famous or infamous.
  11. Prayer is powerful. Period.
  12. Am an emotional person, but not terribly sentimental.  So there is no excuse for all the junk around here.
  13. I think Bulgari au the blanc smells absolutely beautiful.
  14. Am so challenged when it comes to make-up; don’t like it, feels like I’m being embalmed from the outside in.  Need to wear it so I don’t scare animals and small children but most of the time I don’t. Wear it.  Can’t speak for animals/children. 
  15. Movies I can’t watch again:  Gone With The Wind, Knocked Up, Green Dolphin Street, Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz.
  16. Movies I watch more than twice:  Under the Tuscan Sun, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, In America, Saving Grace, Waiting for Guffman, Bull Durham.
  17. I think A. J. Jacob’s first book was brilliantly funny.
  18. I will never understand Some People.  Got it.
  19. Never say “never” or “always”.  For obvious reasons.
  20. When meat is fully cooked, it’s “done”; when everything else is completed, it is “finished”.

And due to bread-induced sleep deprivation, I will finish my list tomorrow. Maybe.