A Wealthy Perspective


My, oh, my. What a difference a day makes. Am burning Wealth today. It most certainly gave me pause when I pulled that word out this morning. Especially since my daughter performed a “lack thereof” intervention on me yesterday. So I’m thinking, “Oh Good Grief! Is this a hammer job or what?”. Because the first thing I thought of when I saw that word was money. Riches. Thank God I had a second thought. Totally unoriginal, but prompting me back into right mindedness (is that a word or two?).

My dear friend, Lady Di, citizen of the world and Hostess Queen, sent Cowgirl and I an invite to gather for a few days next week. THAT, my friends, means 48+ hours of laughter and hijinks with two of my favorite people. There’s not enough money in the world to buy that kind of wonderful. But it is my definition of wealth – deep, rich friendships more valuable than gold. And I am so fortunate to be wealthy that way.

Speaking of the other stuff, money, well I was forced to write a scathing email to my car dealership today. When I say “scathing” I mean fire flew from my fingertips as I typed my words. My dad drives an SUV; I drive a Mini. His trailer hitch had an intimate moment with my back bumper. Crunch. Sent a nicey-nice email to dealership regarding when to bring car in, service need as well as repair, blah blah blah. The next email I received was from a very perky Krista in the collision department informing me that loaner cars were for service only and they had a very good relationship with Who-Cares Rent A Car. How stupid is that? I could have a loaner while my car was being serviced, then rent a car while it is being repaired? Methinks NOT. Hence, scather launched.

I’m sure I’ll be taken to task for it. Last time I wrote a scather, it was to my priests’ assistant. As it turned out, I was misinformed. But it gets worse. She and I ended up in a class together last year. When we all had to introduce ourselves, I was forced to say, “Hello, my name is Izzie and I am the bitch who wrote you the scather.” Thank goodness she was the forgiving kind.

Wealth. Heck yeah, I’m wealthy. When the Visa bill comes in, I shall call them and tell them I have 11 friends. That should more than take care of the bill, non? If not, I shall plead contemporary insanity.