Dog’s Best Friend(s)

My dog, Cooper, is not discriminating. I take that back. He doesn’t like dogs. He likes squeaky plastic things. His favorite friends are ….

"Meet the Squawkers!" - Earl and Henrietta

These beauties are from Charming Pet Products; they are just two of their many hilarious playthings for pups. This pair makes noises. Henrietta,”The Original Wild Chicken”, screams like a banshee, loud and long. Earl,”The Ultimate Chick Magnet”, makes a sound that could only be produced after eating a bathtub full of beans. Charming indeed.

Cooper loves his friends. Of course, he has to bite them to hear them howl. So he bites each one in – and carries each one around by – their crotch. Ouch. No wonder the sounds the duo emit are ear-splitting.

The pet shop owner told me that a guy recently walked through the door, picked up a giant Henrietta (four-feet-ish), and put her on the counter. The owner asked him if he had a dog. He said, “No”. THAT took my mind where it didn’t want to go ….

Earl tries to cop a feel from Miss Saggy Bottom


Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed


My fingers are always crossed.  Today they are in this position in hopes that my sister’s health will improve 100% and that Cowgirl kicks it when she rides in the MS 150 tomorrow. 

Just found out that the man I’ve been living with since January 3rd is not what I thought he was.  Was told he was a Rat Terrier when in truth, he is a Jack-Rat (lots of Jack Russell, a little Rat).  No wonder he thinks he eats furniture, jumps around like a rabbit, and is so aggressive.  He’s a big, bad dog in a little body.  I don’t care, love him x 100. 

Super Cooper


Went to the bookstore and chose the two books below.  Can’t wait to dive into them, one at a time, of course. 

And the reading pile grows......


Obviously working on my visuals.