Inspiration and Confidence: What’s Your Take?


It’s a double word day here in the Kingdom of … Inspiration and Confidence. Just kidding … I think … maybe? So I’ve been chewing on inspiration for a day, confidence for an hour.

“Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.” (Earl Gray)

I believe confidence is inspired. By successes and failures, winning and losing, searching and finding. There are people I find inspiring just because they are so comfortable in their own skin. They exude confidence, whether it’s real or not. The exuders who came to mind yesterday were Nora Ephron and Bette Midler. Two very smart, very funny women. Today my inspiration could be the captain of a pirate ship or the man who picks up my trash. We’ll see. 

Maybe Jimmy Buffett sums up this whole life thing with a few lines from his song, Cowboy in the Jungle:

“We got to roll with the punches, play all of our hunches, make the best of whatever comes your way. Forget the blind ambition, learn to trust your intuition — plowing straight ahead, come what may.”

I like that. And I’m not a Parrothead nor do I own any Buffet music. But he’s a smart guy when it comes to writing about life. Of which inspiration and confidence play enormous roles.

 What inspires you? How do you define confidence?

With those big questions hanging in the air, I’ll take my leave for the moment. Am inspired to eat chocolate and confident I will find some in an old purse or pocket or something.


*Here’s a snap of my current inspiration:

yep, they are mine