I Love that song, “Skippin‘” by Mario. Always provokes a happy dance. As does the weather here. It’s in the 50’s in the morning! That would be like the first snow for most people, but remember, I live on the outskirts of the Gates of Hell (temp wise). Am uncharacteristically bright and shiny. Have been for a while. Maybe I have to be in a misery to write. Nah.

Stupid Morning: This one. I woke up at 8:10. By 9 am, I’d had blood drawn at one doctor’s office AND had a temporary crown put on at the dentist’s office. No food, NO CAFFEINE. Attire: trench coat over pajamas. Attitude: it’s all a blur – I am a caffeind. Am now drinking magnum of espresso.

 The Crown Thing: The stupid crown on tooth in very back of mouth is seriously out of control. As stated before, my dentist wanted to replace the  $5K/3 surgeries crown. Had temporary put in. The stupid temporary fell out as I was dashing off to a black-tie event Saturday night. Woo Hoo – here comes Clem Cadiddlehopper in a black cocktail dress. Had the stupid temporary put back in on Monday. It fell out last night before Glee. (Did not impair dancing capabilities). Temp put back on this morning, but now dentist thinks more surgery because of aggressive gums. Oh please. By the time – if it ever comes – that I do get my real crown, the cost will be more than a gold crown I could wear on my head. Perky, nice dental assistant suggested I NOT drink hot coffee  or perhaps I’d enjoy an iced coffee. I DO NOT ENJOY ICED COFFEE, SCREWED UP DENTAL ISSUES, OR DRINKING COFFEE THROUGH A STRAW. Shoo, woman!

On the Job Front: Have really gotten quite cozy with this unemployment situation. Very Cozy. In the past 2-1/2 months, I’ve applied for approximately one job. It would require a move as well as making an appearance on tv every day. Couldn’t be a longer shot. Am estimating there are at least a million applicants. But my mantra is, “Oh well, what the hell”. Trust me, I’m not packing my bags. Have found some financial opportunities. Have amassed approximately $20.80 answering surveys online for Opinion Outpost. God knows, I have an opinion on everything. Am figuring that the surveys combined with garage sale and eBay offerings, I should clear a cool $50 this month. Drinks are on me.

Observations from Past Week

  •  Watching middle-aged white men try to keep up with racehorse dates on dance floor is food for America’s Funniest Home Videos. <insert peals of laughter here> Some of you can actually dance; I just haven’t seen it happen. I love to laugh so please keep on dancing.

  • September/October reading list to come … man, I’ve been lazy.
  • Still have sassy attitude in tact (good or bad, depending on person). Saw a friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years; we did the your life/my life deal. I said I’d been divorced five years. He said, “So, you’re single and hot?”. My reply: “No, I’m spoken for and hot!” So there!

Rather than ramble on, am going to take nap or contemplate existence or read a book or dance to Glee rerun ….



Wednesday Wiggles

I’m conducting a scientific experiment. I made it up. Am trying to determine how observant others are. This requires me to wear pajamas everywhere. Either I’m invisible or own a mess of fine-ass sleepwear because no one I’ve been with has said a word. On second thought, I’m going to end this experiment immediately. Just remembered Crazy Woman Dancing. When I was in middle school, we lived across the street from a bigwig at some corporation. Every morning after he went to his coupon-clipping job, his wife would perform. Outside. In her pajamas. She had not seen her forties in many a moon; she looked like a potato on two sticks with dyed black hair. She would dance up a storm, waltzing here, twisting there, with a little cha-cha-cha thrown in. It’s fair to say she had a wee bit of a struggle with adult beverage consumption. Her “keeper” would wander out about an hour after the performance started and reel her back into the asylum house.

My eldest popped over yesterday. She has come to the conclusion that her father is very “regimented” and I am very “wiggly”; she claimed she and her sister were smack dab in the middle. She must have seen me dancing strolling down the grocery aisle in my pajamas street clothes. Under the influence of caffeine. Wiggly?

Rather than rant on Justin Bieber (who cares who he’s kissing? blech!), rip some very strange Freshly Pressed selections sandwiched between outstanding choices (an ongoing mystery with no end in sight), and cry for the poor soul playing the new female football coach on Glee, I guess I’ll just let my head explode for the umpteenth time. Or start dancing on the driveway ….

Better wiggle out of these pajamas first.


Why I Like My Birthday

  • Am obviously still alive, duh
  • My awesome friend, Malibu, just sent me a text. “You are a deaf friend.” She MUST have meant “dear”. You did mean “dear”, didn’t you? I’m only 21 … again.
  • Everyone is really, really nice.
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire immortalized this day with “September” … “Do you remember the 21st night of September” No, it wasn’t written for me but I can pretend it was. Because it’s my birthday!
  • Will stay in my pajamas all day and be completely irresponsible. I know this is what I do everyday, but it’s legal today. Will fluff up later for dinner. Maybe.
  • The new season of GLEE premieres. I really did consider staying in so I could watch it. Then I remembered I could record it. Win-win.

Am snarkless and rantless. Just for today. So don’t start thinking I’ll be all sunshine and lollipops tomorrow. Will depend on alignment of stars, etc. Nevertheless, happy birthday to all of you who were born today … and are still alive. My games and trash tv are calling ……



Barometer Head Filled With Glee

I’ve got a barometer head.  It does not have an odd shape, but whenever the weather changes just the slightest bit, I get a migraine. Yes, I can predict the weather in a most uncomfortable way.

 If a hint of oncoming torture appears during the day, I can usually ward it off with a strong cup of coffee and Excedrin Migraine.  But I woke up with a humdinger yesterday morning and it was already wreaking havoc on the right side of my head.  My migraines are always on the right side behind my eye and surrounding area. A “Phantom of the Opera” mask, complete with ice and heat, would take care of this headache in a jiffy.  Am happy to report that three ice packs, two rounds of heated eye pillows, coffee, Olba’s Natural Inhaler from Whole Foods, two generic over-the-counter migraine pills, two pain pills plus 24 hours and the migraine is gone!  Best Mother’s Day gift ever!  Along with the first season of “Glee” and the third season of “The Tudors“.

Am doing happy dance…in the rain.  Which will clear up in a few days.  Promise.