Why I Like My Birthday

  • Am obviously still alive, duh
  • My awesome friend, Malibu, just sent me a text. “You are a deaf friend.” She MUST have meant “dear”. You did mean “dear”, didn’t you? I’m only 21 … again.
  • Everyone is really, really nice.
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire immortalized this day with “September” … “Do you remember the 21st night of September” No, it wasn’t written for me but I can pretend it was. Because it’s my birthday!
  • Will stay in my pajamas all day and be completely irresponsible. I know this is what I do everyday, but it’s legal today. Will fluff up later for dinner. Maybe.
  • The new season of GLEE premieres. I really did consider staying in so I could watch it. Then I remembered I could record it. Win-win.

Am snarkless and rantless. Just for today. So don’t start thinking I’ll be all sunshine and lollipops tomorrow. Will depend on alignment of stars, etc. Nevertheless, happy birthday to all of you who were born today … and are still alive. My games and trash tv are calling ……