WANTED: Words of Wisdom and/or Sillyness

How often are you asked for your opinion, your sage advice on anything? Well, consider this one of those times. I must compose a letter to my daughter. She is a senior in college.  This letter will be read to her and about 300 of her closest friends during a meeting. Have been done this road before but a form letter would be, well, in bad form.

What advice would you offer to a 21-year-old woman who is graduating from a four-year vacation and preparing to enter the real world? DON’T say graduate school as the money tree is bare. I can say the basics like:

  • Don’t go to an interview when you are drunk.
  • Do get a job that pays US currency.
  • No more spring break.
  • Please return all my clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

But all those are so in-your-face real. So I need your help, folks. Knowing what you do, no matter what age, what advice would you offer her?

Thank you in advance. If you suggest securing employment in the sex trade or offer up, “Good things come to those who wait!”, well … just don’t.