Just Gotta Say

A couple of days ago, I read a post on “Freshly Pressed” by Joy Victory.  Entitled, “Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed”, the piece revealed how posts are picked and why.  I’m quite sure the WordPress gang gets inundated on a daily basis with “how to” requests regarding “Freshly Pressed”.

I found the piece to be instructive and interesting.  But it bothered me as well. I really like finding new people and new ideas by reading “Freshly Pressed”.  I’m also thrilled when I see my favorite bloggers featured, as many more readers will find them and these bloggers write so well, this recognition is great.

After reading the article – along with all the comments that have followed, I am disturbed.  It’s a personal thing and everyone has a choice.  But there appeared to be an overwhelming number of grateful bloggers who will use this as their writing guideline in hopes of getting “pressed”.  I write because I have to.  It is just like breathing to me.  That is the freedom and beauty of blogging, in my mind.  If someone identifies with my writing, if we have something in common, great.  If not, great, too.  It’s about the process.

Victory’s points were very clear.  No “bad stuff”.  Understandable but debatable about what truly is and isn’t “bad stuff”.  Use images. Makes perfect sense but this does exclude the image-challenged and they just might have really great things to say as well. Tags. Tags are a big duh. But some must be reminded so good info. Typo-free content. That is interesting since I use the spellchecker and proofreader, go over my writing ad nauseum, and still find issues. Compelling headlines.  Another duh, but a reminder is always welcome.  “The dog walked around” compels me to hit the back button asap.

This post is most likely a wordy coffin nail, assuring the WordPress world I will never be “Freshly Pressed”.  But that’s fine by me as it is not my goal here.  I already have a day job where I must follow the rules to accomplish what is expected of me.  Blogging is my pleasure.  And while I’m not interested in forcing myself to follow these aforementioned guidelines, I certainly won’t judge anyone who does. Free choice.  The world is big.  Something for everyone.

Just sayin’.