Who? Me?

Sweet foodtable passed this to me; more later

Who likes nice surprises and unsolicited recognition? ME! And goodness gracious, the ultra fabulous, hilarious x 120 Molly athttp://lifeofcynicism.com threw me a very nice pass last night, and I didn’t even have to pay her! If you haven’t “met” her, do so immediately after reading this. Really.

The Bloody Brilliant Blogger’s Award

Molly is very, very funny.  She makes me laugh. A lot. Laughing is a good thing. This award, like some others, has requirements. You must tell seven facts about yourself and pass the award on to other bloggers you adore (my words). So, here we go:

  • If I’m in a hotel room, I have on socks or shoes. Will not touch floor with bare feet. Also use a hangar to remove bedspread. Cootie headquarters, no matter how many stars the establishment has.
  • Prefer showers to baths.
  • Am an excellent bargain shopper.
  • First job out of college: editor of system design documents for a nuclear power plant. Such a snore. By the grace of God, the plant hasn’t blown up … yet.
  • Am grateful for much I used to take for granted.
  • Always have at least two books and 15 Words With Friends games going at once.
  • Will talk to a tree but am really shy.
  • Am currently a bit lost and want to be found 🙂

Now, on to the interesting people.  Go out for a pass, my friends … the Bloody Brilliant Blogger Award is yours. In no particular order, my picks are:

Do you do that at home? http://doyoudothatathome.com   Yellow cat is remarkable and remarkably funny. Her posts on all things restaurant are the best. She’s the best – check her out.

The Only Cin, http://theonlycin.wordpress.com  Cin is so talented, interesting, funny – she’s the real deal.

Perpetually Peeved, http://perpetuallypeeved.wordpress.com  Peeved rules when it comes to describing anything … especially anything about life that can produce knicker twists. She makes me laugh on a very regular basis.

The Idiot Speaketh, http://redriverpak.wordpress.com  Idiot, where do I start? He is funny, like seriously funny. He is very popular because he is so self-deprecating. And kind. In addition, I love to be able to call someone “Idiot” without hurting feelings. He also makes me post when I am lazy, nudging me with comments. The Idiot Rocketh.

One Tough Lady Lives On, http://geauxgirl.wordpress.com  We have decided we were separated at birth. She’s the smart one. And the funnier one. When she writes, I read. Really.

The Friggin Loon, http://frigginloon.wordpress.com  Loon is brilliant with her current event reviews. She is also well-read and obviously has a most excellent grasp on the pulse of most everything. She never disappoints. And if she is indeed a loon, I want to be one, too.

Thoughts Appear, http://thoughtsappear.wordpress.com  Thoughts makes me happy. I never know what she’s going to write about, but it is always entertaining. She is very talented. And I wouldn’t miss reading her blog for anything.

Fix It or Deal, http://fixitordeal.wordpress.com  Awesome Amy, that’s how I refer to her. She does a recurring “Wine on Wednesday” post that is very good. And, her posts on all other things are very good as well. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Wolfshadesblog, http://wolfshadesblog.wordpress.com Wolf. I love the way he writes and I love what he writes about.

Funnyside, http://sillyside.wordpress.com  He is funny, snarky, succinct and he makes me laugh. What more can you ask for?

JoDee Luna, http://jodeeluna.wordpress.com  JoDee writes from her heart and her posts always touch me and make me think. She is very accomplished but does not rest on her laurels. Her quest to follow her dreams, find higher ground, and share all this with us is a gift.

Herding Cats in Hammond River, http://writerwoman61.wordpress.com  Wendy is an incredible gardener, owns an antique bookstore, is a great writer no matter what the topic. She’s also incredibly supportive and enlightened. And, of course, she makes me laugh.

Slamdunk, http://theslamdunktrove.blogspot.com  Slamdunk is fascinating. His blog is always interesting, often funny, serious, heartfelt, and just plain old damn good.

The Highly Uninteresting Misadventures of an Average Girl…, http://misadventuresofaveragegirl.wordpress.com  Anything but Average, she is so wonderfully entertaining and smart, I read her daily. You should as well.

Delicacies, http://delicacies.wordpress.com  Walker. Wow. I admire her so much and hang on her every word because she is smart, funny, and confidant. And a damn good writer.

That’s all for now, folks. There are so many great blogs out there, I wish I could include all of you. But I’ll save that for another day. Today, I’m just thankful these people are writing and I can read what they have to say.  Cheers!


Amazing foodtable gave me these lovely awards recently. She has so much talent and her blog is quite literally GORGEOUS; I am flattered and now must pass them along.

In short, the Genuine Blogger Award is given to “… celebrate your blog as it comes across to the reader as heartfelt and genuine … there are no strings attached … if you choose, give it to someone for his or her “genuine” blogging.” The following bloggers, please go out for a pass:

Life in the Boomer Lane


thoughts appear

Do You Do That At Home?



The Liebster Blog Award is dear. “Liebster is German and means “dearest” or “beloved” but can also mean “favorite”. The idea is to bring more attention to blogs with less than 200 followers – all in the spirit of gathering more connections.

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger by linking back to them.
  2. Reveal your top picks for the award and let them know by leaving comment on their blog.
  3. Post your award on your blog.
  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people in the blogsphere – other bloggers.
  5. Best of all, have fun and spread the karma!

While I have no idea how many followers the following bloggers have, come and get it:

Improvised Life

Curly Carly



27 thoughts on “Who? Me?

  1. Thanks for the pass! Unfortunately, I don’t have good depth perception and now I have a black eye.

  2. Thanks, Izzie! “You like me…you really like me!”

    Could you please tell my children how “enlightened” I am?

    I’ll pass it on!


  3. I just read my reward and smiled really big! What a wonderful treat you gave to me! Thank you so very much! If you don’t know this by now, the admiration is very mutual.

  4. Thanks Izzie! I’m honoured.

    I’d like to thank …

    the woman at the supermarket tonight wearing a black and white banded shirt to her ankles, looking like she’d sprung from a cartoon prison, which gave me a laugh because it reminded me of the Hamburglar.


    The editor of today’s paper who ran these words on top of a photo of Angelina Jolie surrounded by Pakistani citizens:

    “Angelina asks the world for help”

    Which inspired this missing subhead in my mind:

    “Admits she’s overwhelmed. Visits Pakistan first on Adopt Maddox world tour to plead with residents to help ease her childcare burden “

  5. Oh WOW, Izzie, thanks!
    And thanks for the links, I don’t know any of these bloggers.

    (Must do a page like this too…)

  6. Love it! Sharing the love! Awwwwww 🙂

  7. Thank you Izzie–you made my day (which has been cloudy and blah and needing some sunshine). I’ll be checking out the other bloggers that you list.

  8. Yay! Glad to make someone’s day – yours, especially!

  9. Words. No words.

    (Damn, sistah gurl, I think my eyes are leaking. *sniff*)


    Love ya, MEAN IT!

  10. Oh geaux sistah – you always have great words. even when there are none. Passing you virtual Kleenex. LYMI 🙂

  11. Holy Shnikes! It’s like it’s my birthday today or something between you and Wendy (except without the tears, frustration, or overwhelming need to get inebriated). Thank you, thank you, Izzie Darling!

  12. I don’t know that I ever saw this.. Thank you, I’m honored that you find Delicacies to be all those things!!!
    You’re so funny and great with your posts that I feel more than a little humbled by that. OK, I’m over it now. Thanks!!!

  13. Pingback: coming soon to a screen near you « one tough lady lives on

  14. Many thanks Izzie .. .and with no strings attached!

  15. Aw, shucks, Izzie, Thanks for the award! Now I know what my next post will be, ha!

  16. Thank you Izzie! I really appreciate the shout-out. I’m gonna have to check out some of the other blogs you’ve listed up there.

  17. Wow thank you. I can’t tell you how much your love and support have meant to me over these past few months especially. And to be honored by you as well just is …wow. Thank you!!!

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